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En plus d’avoir ouvert un site consacré au développement de ce projet, site où vous trouverez un premier dev log sur le sujet du mouvement et du positionnement, l’équipe du nouveau studio Iron Sight a mis en ligne récemment quelques nouvelles captures d’écrans de End State. Qui sera donc un joli jeu de combats en 3D et en tour par tour d’escouades de mercenaires, jeu tactique s’inspirant tant de Jagged Alliance et d’Xcom que Rainbow Six et SWAT.

Aucune date de sortie n’a encore été annoncée mais le jeu devrait bientôt arriver en phase Alpha. D’ici là pour plus d’informations sur End State, voyez le site officiel.


End State is alive and kicking!

Hi, and thank you for subscribing to our newsletter. A lot has happened since End State reached the top 10 on Greenlight in the last autumn.

First of all, we founded the company Iron Sight Ltd, which will be focusing on developing End State. Soon after finding the company we managed to get some funding to enable full-time development of End State.

Originally this was a one man project with occasional help from friends and freelancers, but now we have a great team of passionate end experienced people dedicated to the game.

Because at some point it gets hard to see your own design mistakes, we are planning to release an alpha demo anytime soon for you guys to try it out yourselves. Then we’ll adjust the gameplay according to your wishes. Naturally the subscribers of this newsletter will be the first ones to try out End State.

The tactical part of the game is quite polished already. We have been adding some effects, new animations and we have worked on the AI. On that part, we’ll soon focus on adding content. New weapons, new levels and different variations of the old levels.

The strategic part of the game has been designed but is still in a prototype stage. We are not aiming for an open world campaign similar to Jagged Alliance 2 due to resource limitations (altough we would love to). However, we have designed a dynamic campaign that changes on every playthrough. Maybe a bit like Silent Storm, but with more variation (and no panzerkleins).

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