En bref. Paradox renouvelle son offre de démo permettant d’essayer une des nombreuses extensions de Europa Universalis IV, avec cette semaine la possibilité de découvrir gratuitement l’immersion pack Third Rome.

Pour cela, il suffit d’activer l’extension dans le programme de lancement du jeu, dans l’onglet des DLC. Attention, si vous créez ou poursuivez une campagne existante avec cette version d’essai de cet add-on, lorsqu’il sera désactivé la partie ne sera plus jouable.

En théorie d’autres DLC pourront ainsi être essayé à l’avenir. Une bonne idée vu la richesse et la spécificité du jeu et de ses extensions.

Pour plus d’informations sur EU IV – Third Rome, voyez cette page chez Paradox ou celle-ci sur Steam. Ainsi que notre test.

Concernant Europa Universalis IV, voyez notre Panorama des DLC d’Europa Universalis IV, qui vous aidera à vous y retrouver parmi les nombreuses extensions disponibles. Puis cette fiche chez Paradox, ou celle-ci sur Steam.



EU4: Third Rome is Free to try for a Week! (April 29th – May 6th)

Starting Monday the 29th of April 2019 at around 13:30CEST we will be offering everyone that owns Europa Universalis IV, but not Third Rome, a chance to try this expansion for free for one week!

What’s happening?
For one week we’ll be offering everyone to try a selected Europa Universalis IV expansion for free. Once the week is over, the expansion will be deactivated again if you didn’t purchase it.

How do I partake?
Simply start Europa Universalis IV, log in to your Paradox Account in the launcher and ensure Third Rome is selected under the DLC tab in the launcher (you will find the free ones especially marked in the list) before pressing play.

Do I get to keep the expansion?
It is a time limited trial only. If you don’t purchase Third Rome, it will be deactivated once the week is over.

Can I continue my ongoing campaign?
There should be no problem continuing a save started without Third Rome, with the expansion. However: A campaign played with the free expansion activated will not be possible to continue without it, so be wary about this fact.

I already own Third Rome, can I pick which one I want then?
No. We are focusing on this one particular expansion. If you already own it, thank you for supporting us by buying our games! Hopefully next time it will be an expansion you don’t already own.

Why are you doing this?
We want to give people the opportunity to try out some content they might not own before buying it!

I’m having problems with my Paradox Account or a technical issue with the game!
Please submit a ticket through support.paradoxplaza.com

When is the free trial over?
The free trial will end around noon CET on Monday the 6th of May, at which point you will no longer be able to access Third Rome (unless you purchased it). Any campaigns started using the expansion will not be possible to continue without it.

Are the cosmetic content packs included?
Yes! This time around, all content related to the expansion is included in the free trial.


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