Europa Universalis IV – Domination : nouvelles vidéos

En bref. Paradox diffuse une nouvelle bande-annonce ainsi que deux vidéos récapitulant les nouveautés au menu de cette extension majeure arrivée hier, DLC qui regroupe de nombreuses choses différentes.

Cet add-on arrive en parallèle d’une nouvelle mise à jour, patch 1.3.5 (voir ce changelog) qui attention n’est pas compatible avec les sauvegardes en version 1.3.4.

Pour plus d’informations sur Europa Universalis IV: Domination, dont nous reparlerons prochainement, voyez cette fiche sur Steam. Vous trouverez également différentes vidéos sur YouTube présentant plus spécifiquement les changements pour telle ou telle nation (voyez la liste et par exemple les explications de Ssouda concernant la France ci-après).

Concernant Europa Universalis IV, voyez les dev diary que vous retrouverez sur le wiki officiel. Puis ce point sur le jeu et notre Panorama des DLC d’Europa Universalis IV, qui vous aidera à vous y retrouver parmi les nombreuses extensions précédentes. Puis aussi cette fiche chez Paradox, ou celle-ci sur Steam.

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The Greatest Powers Are Yours to Rule in EU4: Domination

Latest Europa Universalis IV Expansion Highlights Most Popular Nations

STOCKHOLM – 18 April 2023 – Build the great empires of the early modern world in new ways with Europa Universalis IV: Domination, available today. The latest expansion pack for Paradox Interactive’s flagship historical grand strategy game adds a wagon-load of new choices, missions, and historical flavor to a game already bursting with endless possibilities.

Centered on the most popular and powerful nations in Europa Universalis IV, Domination revisits and revises once familiar pathways while adding more historical context and challenges to great nations like China, England, France and more. In some cases, branching missions will force you to make a choice that will irrevocably change the course of your nation, focusing your priorities in a particular direction.

Europa Universalis IV: Domination includes new national mission trees and features for:

The Ottoman Empire: A revised conquest tree with new rewards for pushing Ottoman dominance, including expansion through the new Eyalet system, and new internal changes, such as the new Janissary estate, the new Ottoman Decadence mechanic, and the ‘Ottoman Power Struggle’ disaster.

China: Different mission trees for the Han Ming and invader empires like the Qing. Choose between expansion and Inward Perfection, and counter the power of the Eunuchs to build a more stable empire.

Japan: Unite Japan as you deal with the power of the Shogun and the independent Daimyos. Choose to open the country to foreign influence or keep it isolated, while deciding upon different paths of expansion and reform.

Russia: Free your country of the Tatar yoke, and transform it into a Great Empire. Choose the path of Peter’s reforms to modernize the state, so your mission tree as well as your mechanics will change and evolve as the game progresses. Use the power of Cossacks and Streltsy to expand your Empire to East and West.

Spain: Expanded mission trees for Castile and Aragon, with different paths to form Spain, a new mechanic available for the new ‘System of Councils’ government, and decisions about the Army and Navy to get the mighty Tercios and Spanish Armada.

France: Fight the end of the Hundred Years War, centralize France into an absolute monarchy while dealing with the Wars of Religion, expand into Italy and the Holy Roman Empire, and lead the Revolution through an expanded mission tree.

Great Britain: Separate paths for either a British Empire or an Angevin Britain, as well as a deeper internal gameplay, with unique features for the English Parliament and changes to the English Civil War disaster.

Minor nations: Mission changes, new government mechanics and expanded flavor for Prussia, Portugal and Korea.

Domination also includes new art and music alongside a rich menu of new historical detail, adding more flavorful estates, reforms, special units and events to the leading powers. It will also be accompanied by a major update, free for all Europa Universalis IV players.

Europa Universalis IV: Domination is available now for a suggested retail price of $19.99/£16.75/€19.99.


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