Fantasy General II : combats, moral et bande-son

Une nouvelle vidéo vient d’arriver pour montrer et expliquer rapidement un peu plus comment se dérouleront les combats dans la future réincarnation de Fantasy General.

Les armes et équipements des unités influeront sur leur efficacité, typiquement épieux contre cavalerie, boucliers contre les armes de jet. Le nombre de troupes dans une unité affectera alors la force générale au combat d’un unité, ainsi une unité composée de beaucoup de troupes avec des armes simples pourra s’avérer aussi dangereuse qu’un unique puissant Troll. Les héros auront eux des attaques spéciales.

Au passage je vous rajoute le précédent quatrième video diary, qui abordait le sujet du moral des unités, moral qui permettra de se défendre mieux contre la magie. Il sera donc utile de chercher à réduire le moral ennemi avant de lancer certaines attaques magiques. Certaines attaques, comme les embuscades, diminueront le moral des unités affectées. Certains héros pourront influencer aussi le moral adverse. Et bien entendu les blessures subies amoindriront aussi le moral des troupes, diminuant entre autre leur efficacité. Certaines décisions du fait d’événements dans la campagne joueront aussi sur le moral de tout ou partie de vos unités. Comme on le devine, et le dit le studio, le mécanisme du moral offrira donc de nombreux choix tactiques sur le terrain.

Et enfin je vous rajoute une précédente très courte “vidéo” donnant un exemple des belles musiques que proposera le jeu. Avec un peu de chance, voilà qui sera un autre des points forts du jeu.

Pour plus d’informations sur Fantasy General II – Invasion, pour lequel une bêta privée est accessible par ici, et qui pourrait sortir entre l’été et l’automne prochain, voyez cette page chez l’éditeur, et celle-ci sur Steam. Ou encore celle-là sur GoG.



Fantasy General II – Dev Diary 5 – Combat System

We are back with a new video Dev Diary for Fantasy General II!

In this video Jan Wagner, the lead designer for the game, expands on what his views are in regards of combat mechanics.

By watching you can see what choices were taken and how the gameplay has evolved since the original Fantasy General.

It is really important for the team to make Fantasy General II an extremely fun and addictive game, a worthy successor of the original. So let us know what you think, give us your feedback on the forum!

We will be back next week with a new dev diary on Magic!

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Fantasy General 2 – Dev Diary 4 – Morale system

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A tease of Fantasy General II’s magical soundtrack

The original soundtrack of Fantasy General was really good. Plenty of fans still remember it fondly, and it was important for Owned by Gravity for the sequel to have music which lives up to that standard.

Today we would like to post just a small tease of what you can expect to find in Fantasy General II’s soundtrack.

This is but part of one of the tracks which will be included in the game’s soundtrack. You can definitely hear the inspiration and influence behind this music, and it is one of the many ways the team is paying homage to the original Fantasy General.

We have asked the composer, Matthias Wolf, to tell us about his work.

My name is Matthias Wolf, composer and project manager from Dynamedion and we have composed several tracks for Fantasy General II.

We wrote completely new songs for different settings like the Highlands or the Empire, but also revised the “Dies Irae” from the old soundtrack in new splendour. We reworked the original, already very well done and beautifully arranged piece with modern sounds and have embedded the original choir recording, thus bridging the span of time between the two games by combining their creative work and ours. By using the original choir, extracted from the game files itself, there truly is a piece of the old game at the heart of our music and we have tried to carefully add a more orchestral instrumentation – always with the premise to keep the feeling and style of the original composition, which has been a fan favourite for over two decades.

Dynamedion was founded in 2000 and has since developed to one of the biggest and most successful audio production studios in the world including music composition, sound design, field-recording, live orchestra production, audio branding and music licensing. Over 2,000 releases of video games, TV series, trailers, and movies represent Dynamedion’s unmatched quality and integrity and we have worked on everything from Indie to AAA titles with the same enthusiasm and dedication. Fantasy General II was an interesting project due to its long heritage and parts of the soundtrack have been written by Dominik Morgenroth, Armin Haas and Matthias Wolf. The premise was to create a soundscape that represents the different environments in the game to create a fitting atmosphere, but also to give them a common theme that resonates through each piece. For this to work, we used actual historical instruments from Norse (for the Highlands) and Roman (for Empire) as well as Medieval times (for Borderlands) and mixed them with more modern sounds.

What do you expect from the other tracks mentioned? Let us know in the forum!