Field of Arms – Tactics : nouvelle démo

Avis aux amateurs de jeux de figurines transposés sur un écran. Ce futur wargame prenant pour cadre les Caraïbes au 18e siècle, et les affrontements entre anglais et espagnols qui y eurent lieu, bénéficie d’une nouvelle démo. Si le jeu a fait le choix de visuels représentant donc un jeu sur une table, son gameplay lui est en temps réel. Et s’appuie sur le très bon moteur graphique Unreal.

Pour mieux vous faire une idée du résultat, voici deux vidéos diffusées en avril et février dernier. La troisième vidéo ci-après montrant elle un exemple de bataille date d’il y a un an.

Pour plus d’informations sur Field of Arms: Tactics, pour lequel une version Accès anticipé devrait arriver au début de l’an prochain, voyez cette page sur Steam.




New demo and game update!

Hello everyone!

After taking in feedback from players and watching videos of people who played the demo, we want to show you the upcoming changes coming to the game, including an updated demo.

New unit behavior system

In our game, unit positioning and avoiding friendly fire forms the basis of the gameplay, initially we wanted the player to have complete control of where to move and who to attack but we realized many players expected units to behave as they do in traditional RTS games and have a greater degree of independence. With that in mind we implemented a behavior system in which you can choose how you want your units to behave.


After giving an attack order, units will chase the enemy until it is in range and proceed to attack it, if the enemy tries to retreat they will follow. They will also return fire when fired upon.


Units stay in position and will not chase the enemy, they will fire from their position to any enemy within range.


Similar to our old system, units will not chase or respond to enemy fire, they will only follow orders given by the player. Useful when you want complete control

Scaling things up!

In order to bring up a more detailed environment and make locations feel more alive, we are scaling up all the vegetation and buildings in the game. This will allow players to see more details of all the assets while also having a standard size in relation to the fortresses, castles and units. This also impacts the play area and prepares us for the future when we implement a garrison system.

Terrain detection improvements

We changed how units detect the terrain. We had been using trigger areas around the map to apply terrain bonuses, with the new system units detect the physical material of the landscape they are standing in and apply their respective changes to movement and defense. This helps quite a lot when designing new scenarios with increased freedom. This also allows us to assign values to every single type of material terrain in the map.

Ship sails feedback

When changing the sailing speed you will see it reflected on the ship models and on the interface.

Contested capture areas

Now you can only capture points when there aren’t any enemies nearby.

Better visual feedback from camp and logistics train

Both the player camp and logistics train will now display which unit is being healed.

Tilt shift effect

To further give the impression of miniatures we added a tilt shift visual effect, if you want to switch back to the normal mode you can press Z on the keyboard to flip between both modes.

New Campaign

We have also been working on a second campaign in order to bring up more value to our upcoming release. The campaign revolves around capturing an entire island with different sectors. We will be providing more info in the upcoming weeks.

Thank you for reading and for following up the development of the game!