Field of Glory 2 – Medieval : screenshots et trailer

Oyez, oyez ! Bonne nouvelle pour les amateurs de simulations tactiques, Slitherine confirme l’arrivée aujourd’hui de ce titre consacré à la vaste époque médiévale. Après la réussite pour les amateurs de la période Antique que fut Field of Glory II, et de sa déclinaison au niveau stratégique, Field of Glory – Empires (voyez nos différents articles et AAR dans nos archives), voici donc un important pas supplémentaire effectué pour cette série.

S’ouvre ainsi à vous les moult batailles ayant eu lieu dans le Haut Moyen-Âge de 1040 AD jusqu’à 1270 AD, particulièrement les, dixit, luttes des rois de France contre les rois d’Angleterre et les empereurs Germains, les guerres anglaises de conquête ou les tentatives d’invasion contre les Gallois, Écossais et Irlandais, les croisades Baltes et l’invasion Mongole de l’Europe de l’est.

Soit concrètement 29 factions, 57 liste d’armées, plus d’une centaine d’unités (en 3D), un mode Campagne, un mode Batailles rapides, un générateur de cartes aléatoires, un mode Solo avec 6 niveaux de difficulté, un mode Multi (PBEM++ de Slitherine), un éditeur de scénario, ou encore de nombreux scénarios historiques, et une ribambelle de scénarios hypothétiques.

De quoi donc largement s’occuper cette année avec un contenu comme vous le voyez très riche et complet.

Pour plus d’informations sur Field of Glory II Medieval, voyez cette page sur Steam ou celle-ci chez l’éditeur.



Field of Glory 2: Medieval – out now

Field of Glory II: Medieval is now available and is ready to take you back to the High Middle Ages, at the time of the mounted knight.

Set from 1040 AD to 1270 AD, Field of Glory II: Medieval is a deep, historically accurate and expertly researched turn-based tactical game that is delivering in its mission to redefine the wargaming experience and bring fresh life to the genre.

Relieve historical campaigns and legendary battles of the period such as: Hastings, Bouvines, Lake Peipus and many more. Take control of the battle, lead your chosen army and its named generals to victory, or create your historically realistic battlefield for custom scenarios that can be played against the AI or human opponents using Slitherine’s easy to use PBEM3 server.

Slitherine celebrates the release of the game with a 10% lauch discount. Moreover, it will be possible to purchase a new Bundle containing the base copies of Field of Glory II and Field of Glory II: Medieval at an additional discount.

Furthermore there will be a week-long discounts on all the previous titles of the franchise
Check them out here

But that’s not all, a patch for Field of Glory II: Medieval will soon arrive and will allow all owners of the game to create their own “Time Warp”. Through this new feature it will be possible to create an infinite number of customized “what-if” battle situations that can be played against an AI or in multiplayer, making the armies of the ancient era collide with medieval ones. Have you ever wondered who would win the battle between the Carthaginians with their War Elephants and a handful of Teutonic knights? Soon you will have the chance to find out.

Get ready, the battle begins.

Field of Glory II Medieval is out now

Field of Glory II, the undisputed reference of tactical turn based wargames on PC, gets Medieval.

Take to the battlefields of medieval Europe in this turn-based strategy game with deep gameplay, infinite scenarios, countless armies, and a broad collection of historical battles.

Developed by legendary designer Richard Bodley Scott, it brings the best from the tabletop world into the best digital framework. Field of Glory II Medieval is a turn-based tactical game set in the High Middle Ages from 1040 AD to 1270 AD.

This was the heyday of the mounted knight. Armoured from head to toe by the later 12th century, European knights rode heavy horses in tight formation, and delivered a devastating charge with couched lances.

The Setting

Major themes of the period include the struggles of the Kings of France against the Kings of England and the German Emperors, the English wars of conquest or attempted conquest against the Welsh, Scots and Irish, the Baltic Crusades and the Mongol invasion of Eastern Europe. With dynastic struggles and rebellions by powerful nobles thrown into the mix, Europe was in an almost constant state of war.
Field of Glory II Medieval allows you to take command of the armies of the Anglo-Saxons and Normans, post-conquest England, France, Germany, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, the Low Countries, the Free Cantons, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Bohemia, Poland, the Teutonic Knights, the pagan Old Prussians and Lithuanians, Russia, Hungary, the Cumans, Volga Bulgars and Mongols in an endless variety of battles and campaigns set in 11th-13th century North and Central Europe.

The Armies

Lead your chosen army and its named generals to victory in set-piece historical battles or “what-if” custom battle situations against an AI or human opponent. Choose your forces from historically accurate orders of battle allowing all of the options and variations that would be available to a real general of that nation at any date during the era. Field of Glory II Medieval has more than 100 beautiful and historically accurate fully animated troop units, each with multiple variations to bring out the colour and variety of the era. Watch the swords flash and the arrows fly! Count the cost of victory or defeat as bodies litter the battlefield.

The Battles

Field of Glory II Medieval has a campaign system that concentrates on the battles, and allows real strategic decisions without time spent moving armies around a strategic map. Each battle is vital to your progress. Your army will gain experience and elan as it goes from victory to victory against your enemies and their allies. There are four historically-based campaigns covering major conflicts of the era: The Angevin Empire, The Northern Crusades, Alexander Nevsky and the Mongol Invasions. There is also a sandbox campaign system that allows you to lead any nation (and their historical allies) against any other nation (and their allies) – giving thousands of permutations. Victory will require determination and tactical mastery.