Fin de la bêta pour Axis & Allies 1942 Online

Beamdog confirme que son adaptation informatique de ce bien connu jeu de plateau sort en ce début de semaine de la phase bêta où elle était depuis un peu plus de deux ans déjà. Voilà qui offre donc aux amateurs de jeux de grande stratégie et en tour par tour une alternative supplémentaire, avec un gameplay certes plus simplifié que pour un wargame classique, mais gameplay néanmoins amusant et éprouvé.

Au passage je vous remets un trailer datant de l’an dernier et récapitulant très sommairement les grandes lignes du jeu.

Pour plus d’informations sur Axis & Allies 1942 – Online, en promo à -40% cette semaine, voyez le site officiel ou cette fiche sur Steam. Puis aussi cette page dans l’App Store ou celle-ci sur Google Play.




Axis & Allies 1942 Online Launches Out of Early Access!

Calling all Commanders! Brave soldiers, officers & recruits!
This is not a drill…

Launch Day
Axis & Allies 1942 Online
is officially out of Early Access! We’re incredibly proud of our small team of soldiers for bringing this classic board game to audiences all around the globe!

The full release is available now, with full cross-play support for Windows, macOS, Linux, iPadOS & Android.

Taking A Look Back…
We rolled into Steam Early Access way back on July 31, 2019. Since then the game has had five full seasons
of competitive play, more than a dozen major patches, and a major overhaul of the user interface.

Features like the War Diary
were in the game from the start, but since launch we’ve added some major feature updates based on player feedback, including:

New Starting Setup:
The Larry Harris variant
New Dice Modes:
Low Luck and Biased
Player Profiles
to track your game stats
Competitive Seasons
with matchmaking & ladder boards

You know Axis & Allies games take time to complete (some games are played over days or weeks!), but you’ve managed to finish over half a million online matches!

TOTAL Online Multiplayer Games Completed:

Axis Victories: 287,333
Allies Victories: 222,947

Online Larry Harris Games:

Axis Victories: 224,303
Allies Victories: 191,213

Online Standard Setup:

Axis Victories: 63,049
Allies Victories: 31,739

Total Ranked Games:

Axis Victories: 178,751
Allies Victories: 153,762

Special Commendations

To Our Community:

We are massively grateful to each and every one of you for your support through many months of patches, hotfixes, beta builds, and five seasons (and counting) on the field of battle!

To the Community Discord:

Special thanks to the fan-run, community discord— for giving us so much support and feedback, and for running fan tournaments!

(Join the fun here)

To the Season Champions:

Shout out to all our ranked players! There is fierce competition from astounding tacticians!

Congratulations to our Season 1 through 5 Champions!

Thank you!


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