Fin de la bêta pour Realpolitiks II

En bref. Voici une nouvelle bande-annonce accompagnant la sortie cette semaine du second volet de ce jeu de grande stratégie simulant en temps réel la situation géopolitique de la période actuelle. Le tout formant un vaste bac à sable ludique qui permet une gestion plus fine de l’économie, une meilleure dimension tactique des batailles, plus d’espionnage, plus d’évènements, de construction de bâtiments, une représentation plus aboutie de la diplomatie, ou encore des possibilités de modifications du jeu.

Pour plus d’informations sur Realpolitiks II voyez cette page sur Steam. Ou celle-ci chez l’éditeur.



Realpolitiks II exits Early Access today!

To all the world leaders, revolutionaries and dictators – time for your second term has come!

Realpolitiks II leaves Early Access today with a new update that addresses the issues that are still present in the game and brings in a number of smaller and bigger changes. You can read the full changelog below. To celebrate the end of our long journey, there will be a 10% discount set in place for the first week after the release.

We would also like to take this opportunity to say a big “Thank You!” to all of our fans, who have supported us along the way of Early Access. Your input and bug reports have been very useful and we hope that you will keep us posted about any issues you come across in our Steam forums.

Check out the full release trailer

Read the full changelog below:
Version 1.00 Changelog


AII of war – units move in a more organized way, react better to the situation on the map, improved navigation on seas and islands
The colonization process for AI in the grand strategy scenario has been improved
The building upgrade button is hidden at the building’s max level
Added tooltips with party ideology names in the side menu
Added a tooltip on the button for sending an offer when it is blocked
Percentage sign has been added behind warscore in the main war window
Added Clamp attack / defense of units in the theater so that they cannot be negative
Improved management of Unemployment at AI


Costs and colonization requirements have been changed
The sale prices for resources have been reduced
The Unhappiness parameter has been rebalanced in a pandemic scenario

Bug fixing:

Fixed the problem with the stock market does not refresh the terms
Fixed the problem with invisible unit models after zooming out of the camera
Fixed the problem with the inability to take any diplomatic action
Fixed bugs generated by armies in the theater
Fixed freeze games caused by rebels
Fixed console errors related to army, relations and provinces during the new campaign
Descending to a lower level Alert State now checks the conditions
Attacking overseas provinces has been fixed
Fixed a bug that allowed you to negotiate with the Rebellion
The pause menu is no longer overlapping with the action menu
Fixed silo range in annexed provinces.
Fixed a bug with displaying the value of investments and receiving money for selling them.
The ghost country does not appear in the bloc after conquering the country
Fixed a bug that allowed the draft to be introduced despite the lack of parliamentary support.
Fixed an issue with animations delay in the theater
Fixed the display of the effect in the case of a failed action
Fixed problem with wrong value displayed in INT / Military / PC to target effects
Supply range and fortification tooltips have been corrected
Fixed negative resource prices and issues with the “resource trade” window
Fixed an issue with hitting a province entirely outside of the silo’s reach
fixed null from batch tab after exiting menu
Fixed dissatisfaction and environment icon tooltips requiring modification (shortening the list).
Fixed issue with rebels after loading game
Fixed a time freeze issue with a rebellion in a liberated country
Control of a colonized province of international waters already increases the level of control
The reparations offer does not give money for loser
Effects in the event “Signals from the uninhabited island intensify” and Increased drug cartel activity “are correctly scaled
Placeholder has been removed from the project description.
No spaces in tooltips fixed.
Moved the slot for the building covered by the inscription on the map.
Repetitive text in the story event has been fixed.
A bug in the English version of the monument description has been corrected
Fixed an issue where the story quest could not be completed.
Fixed a bug where victory paths were not displayed in the Victory Conditions panel
Achievements from World War 3 and UK have been corrected
Fixed an issue where party names were not displayed correctly
Fixed subtitle for intro