Frozen Synapse 2 : trailer

Voici un nouveau trailer pour accompagner la sortie, en fin de semaine dernière, de cette suite a priori très élaborée de Frozen Synapse. Jeu original mêlant combats en tours simultanés, cyberpunk, monde ouvert à l’échelle d’une ville générée de manière procédurale, et choix stratégiques à grande échelle. Le tout étant appelé par le studio “Open world tactics”.

Pour de plus amples informations sur Frozen Synapse 2, voyez cette fiche sur Steam et le site officiel. A lire également sur le précédent volet de cette série notre article Frozen Synapse : une autre idée du jeu de combat d’escouades.



Thank you for a great launch! Some quick notes on the Mac / Linux version plus UI scaling…


Firstly, thank you so much to those of you in the community who have been patient with us getting the game out – we really appreciate it.

We will be working to get Mac and Linux versions out as soon as possible. I will talk to everyone tomorrow and try to get a firm date for you.

I also want to take a look at the issues that people are having with UI scaling above 1080 and see if we can do anything there. To even have a chance of making this game, we had to use an engine which is a little bit venerable, so it’s not straightforward but bear with us a bit – I’ll see if anything can be done quickly. For now, if you’re having issues, the best thing to do is play at 1080.

Wish I could do more instantly but it’s late here and we need to regroup a bit before tomorrow!

Thanks once again,


Mode 7

Frozen Synapse 2 September 18th Update

Hi all!
We’ve just released an update for Frozen Synapse 2 which addresses a number of the most severe problems our users were reporting.

Fixed issue with focus/ignore zones causing crash
Fixed a crash caused by selecting units in multiplayer
Added option for scaling the UI (for players with large monitors or high-DPI screens)
Added option for changing the zooming in/out speed for the city camera
Fixed crash caused by adding and deleting units when creating advanced multiplayer games
Fixed problem where your squad couldn’t catch up to another squad which was on the move (e.g. intercept relic)
Fixed issue with Secure where attackers didn’t have a location from which to spawn
Updated Bomb Defusal instructions
Fixed issues causing save corruption

We expect to have another update ready later this week.

Once again, thanks for being patient with these issues – we’re working as hard as we can.

Also please keep sending us your bug reports. While we haven’t had a chance to respond to every one yet they are all being read. Here is a guide on how to report a bug to us: