Germany at War – Barbarossa 1941 : patch et promo

En bref. Les amateurs de simulation tactique des combats sur le front de l’est seront intéressés de savoir que ce wargame paru il y a quasi un an et demi vient de bénéficier d’une assez importante mise à jour, patch apportant donc quelques nouveaux effets visuels, voir les captures d’écrans et vidéos en exemple ci-dessous, en plus d’améliorer l’interface. Reportez-vous au changelog ci-après pour le détail complet des modifications (vous pouvez télécharger le patch depuis cette page).

Pour plus d’informations sur Germany at War – Barbarossa 1941, actuellement en promotion à moitié prix, soit la modique somme de 9,99 € en téléchargement, voyez sur le site du studio Phobetor ou cette page chez Matrix, ainsi que notre test.



Update 1.07 5th October 2015


– Campaign variant of Archangelsk-Astrachan “The Eastern Front” done by Zigmunds Steins

– formations can be changed before deployment and chosen when units are recruited
– formation size now limits number of support units:
*Batallion 2x
*Regiment 3x
*Brigade 4x
*Division 5x
– formation influences refit costs (batallion as bases) : +10% for regiment, +15% for brigade and +20% for division
– variations for mountain and hill textures & meshes
– minefields can be layed or removed by combat engineers
– minefields have strength and can damage units that move onto them. Every hit reduces the strength of the minefield
– shortcut key “L” to get to the statistics screen
– shortcut key “I” to reach the list of shortcuts
– new shot effect for rocket launchers
– varying effects for different attack distances
– new marker system to differ mines, ground and air units
– landscape may influence readiness of units with these consequences:
* mountain hex:
units loose readiness by moving on it
units can not be supplied any more and loose readiness each turn they stay on it
* swamp hex:
units loose readiness by moving on it
units loose readiness each turn they stay on it
* steppe hex:
units loose readiness each turn they stay on it
– movement penalties for tanks and SP guns:
* hills +3
* swamp +2
* snow (terrain not weather) varies depending on type and time of the war:
#Soviet medium and heavy tanks +1
#Ostketten models (Tiger, Panther etc.) +1
#Pz. III/IV chassis Ostkette (1/5/1944) +1
#Pz. III/IV chassis Winterkette (1/10/1942) +2
#German small & medium chassis/Western Allies tanks/Soviet small tanks +3
* forests +1

– new equipment/units for Germany:
Combat engineers (in contrast to normal engineers for repair/building)
FW 190 A-2
Wurfrahmen 40
30cm Nebelwerfer 42
30cm Raketenwerfer 56
Elite Panzergrenadiere

– new equipment/units for Hungary:
38M Toldi I
42M Toldi II
42M Toldi IIa
40M Turan I
41M Turan II
43M Zrinyi II
40M Nimrod

– new equipment/units for the Soviet Union:
Combat engineers (in contrast to normal engineers for repair/building)
MechCorps ’42
MechCorps ’43
MechCorps ’44
M3 Lee

– new equipment for Great Britain
M3 Lee


– reworked several menus for better readability
– reworked tooltips of unit upgrades
– ownership is displayed with a 2d icon instead of 3d flags (suggested by James Ward)
– renamed sea to water in map editor as it represents both sea and lakes (terminator)
– <tab> command has new rules and skips units that have action points but cannot do anything with it (e.g. attack is available, but no enemy in range)
– Unit values :
*Pz. III Ausf. H +4 (=12); Costs +20 (=300)
*Pz. III Ausf. J +2 (=10); Costs +10 (=310)
*Pz. III Ausf. L +2 (=10); Costs +20 (=360)
*Pz. III Ausf. N -2 (=8)


-Wrong designation of Bf110 G-2
-restarting a scenario with the unite armies screen cloned the units
-wrong NATO symbol for German Elite units
-missing “inferior supply” for Slovak tanks
-recruited cavlary units were labelled infantry
-changing player order in campaigns mixed up the statistic
-ground units’ attack animation turned off if attacked by air and the muzzle aims into nowhere
-ambush was not detected with view=1
-Units now stop firing if annihilated
-wrong ScrollerPosition value hindered the improvement to Cavary Corps ’42
-Unite armies crashes if such a mission is loaded twice in succession
-Deployment ignored auto_upgrades
-Crash if HQ is entered after the first unit was deleted (only occurred directly after deployment)
-Error in calculating upgrade costs when more than one upgrade path was possible
-Crash when units with dust are moved while particles are deactivated

A-A Campaign:


Hungarian option to Voronezh 1942

wrong year in Voronezh description

Single maps:

Minsk Pocket

small OoB adjustements of Soviet units for historical accuracy

Script Editor:

– Unit and object images displayed
– Interactive solution of battle positions on the main map
– Easier handling of several functions by adding a drop-down menus instead of having to type the names
– Renaming events will not change the focus of that menu any more
– Position of values is now next to their purpose for better reading of settings
– Action can erase events
– Readiness of units can be set
– place-units command can now set position, increased radius of placement and it lists unit names
– Option for reinforcements (full strength, ammo and fuel) at the beginning of a scenario
– “No units” condition now differs between ships, aircraft, ordnance, armored vehicles and infantry
– Hints can now be removed via action
– Removed the need to type in locations of objects and units on the map for conditions

Special thanks to Zigmunds Steins and Lars “Spillblood” Scharfenberg for their contribution to 1.07 !


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