Grand Tactician – The Civil War : trailer pour Whiskey & Lemons

En bref. Voici une bande-annonce confirmant que le développement de cet add-on arrive bientôt à son terme. Ce premier DLC ajouter un mode carrière permettant de créer son propre personnage. En tant qu’officier vous devrez obéir aux ordres de vos commandants, donc de l’IA. Selon vos actions et vos résultats, vous gagnerez du prestige et pourrez être promu. Voilà une approche du jeu qui promet d’être très originale.

En parallèle de ce prochain DLC, un patch viendra corriger et améliorer diverses choses dans le jeu.

Pour plus d’informations sur l’extension Whiskey & Lemons, dont la sortie est prévue cet été, pour le moment voyez la fiche du jeu de base (ex : cette précédente annonce sur Steam apporte quelques détails supplémentaires). Concernant Grand Tactician – The Civil War (1861-1865), reportez-vous au site officiel et à cette page sur Steam. A lire aussi en complément notre article Grand Tactician – The Civil War : second aperçu et cette précédente préview.



Quiet before the Storm?

“While the citizens have been anxiously waiting for news, it seems like there’s a suspicious calm at the frontlines. The reporters of Grand Herald say, it’s because the generals of the recently formed Grand Engineering Corps are developing plans and testing them in preparation for the advance.”

It’s June, and Whiskey & Lemons DLC has enetered internal beta. During this phase we will test, balance and finalize the DLC game play, while all the new playable content is already in. While testing, there’s still work going on with giving finalizing touches to remaining art, like maps and music. While we were aiming for a Q2, 2023 release, it’s fair to say, that “Summer 2023” is more accurate at this point. Of course we will give more information, when further details are available. With the DLC, we will also release the latest patch to Grand Tactician: The Civil War (1861-1865), which includes fixes and improvements to the base game.

The DLC will bring an all-new Career-mode, where player will start the campaign commanding a single unit. With success and promotions, player can climb to more important positions with more influence in the course of the war. While following AI commanders’ orders, players can manage their unit(s), staff, and personal activities.

The Career-mode brings many role-playing elements to the game, allowing a different kind focus in the game, without the need to manage the whole war.

The Career-mode can be used in all the campaign scenarios. In addition, a new Regiment-scale focus campaign can be played in the Eastern Theater. This campaign starts in June 1861, before the start of the large scale fighting. Will the war drag on for years, or will the blue troops march irresistably On to Richmond?

While the DLC development has been ongoing, we have also consolidated our development team’s future: from now on, the development team goes by name Grand Engineer Corps e.U. This change was made to register the name for our future projects, which means we are going to continue further developing Grand Tactician. What the future brings, though, is another story. More about that later…

Most Respy,
The Grand Engineer Corps


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