Great Houses of Calderia : nouveau trailer

En bref. Annoncé en décembre dernier, ce futur jeu de grande stratégie ouvertement inspiré de Crusader Kings III s’est dévoilé un tout petit peu plus il y a peu avec une nouvelle mais courte bande-annonce. Le jeu se déroulera dans le cadre fantastique de Caldeira, pays imaginaire inspiré par l’époque de la Renaissance. Il s’agira d’y diriger une des grandes maisons pour devenir la plus importante du royaume.

Vraisemblablement toute la force du jeu sera dans la simulation des relations au sein de votre dynastie familiale. En plus du contexte qui pourrait s’avérer assez original.

Pour plus d’informations sur Great Houses of Calderia, pour lequel une phase Accès anticipé devrait débuter entre l’été et l’automne prochain, voyez cette page sur Steam et le site officiel.



New Story Trailer

Oy strategy players!

We just posted our new Story Trailer – Camilla’s Plan

Learn more about Camilla and her story in Calderia. Life was not always easy for her!

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Great Houses of Calderia Announcement

We’re proud to announce Great Houses of Calderia.

Great Houses of Calderia is a Grand Strategy game set in the fantastic land of Calderia inspired by the Renaissance where you rule as a family to build your Dynasty and will be released in Early Access in 2022.

In this game, you will have to take the lead of one of the Great Houses of Calderia, a fantastic land full of legends and myths, to become the most important House of the realm.

Great Houses of Calderia is a Crusader Kings like, that gets you into the heart of action quickly. In this game you are not controlling a leader alone, you have also to manage the members of your family like the rulers of yore! These characters have their own will and add dynamism and immersion to the genre.
Take an active role in the management of every important outcome from diplomacy to war through our real-time tactical resources management system.
Shape the personal stories of your family by sending them all across Calderia to accomplish your purposes.

Mold the world of Calderia by your actions and build your legacy of power
Great Houses of Calderia is a more focused and highly replayable experience letting everybody enjoy the fun of managing its own dynasty. We are making this game deep but tangible, so it will appeal both to Strategy Game fans and new to the genre.

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