Imperator – Rome – The Punic Wars : teaser

Voici une courte bande-annonce pour présenter très sommairement une prochaine extension gratuite allant étoffer Imperator – Rome en y intégrant les guerres puniques. Autrement dit en ajoutant une vingtaine de missions, dix pour Rome, dix pour Carthage, puis quelques nouvelles unités pour les armées de Numides et les navires carthaginois.

Le tout allant arriver en parallèle du prochain patch 1.3, qui améliorera entre autre les systèmes concernant les renforts, le ravitaillement, l’expérience et les familles des personnages, ajoutera de nouveaux détails à la déjà superbe carte du jeu, ou encore ajoutera des missions générées semi-aléatoirement.

Rappelons au passage qu’une première extension payante cette fois, et donc plus conséquente qu’un pack de missions, est elle toujours prévue en théorie vers le second trimestre de l’année prochaine.

Pour plus d’informations sur Imperator: Rome – The Punic Wars Content Pack, voyez cette page sur Steam.

Concernant Imperator – Rome, voyez le wiki officiel,  cette fiche chez l’éditeur ou cette fiche sur Steam, ainsi que ce récapitulatif sur le patch 1.2 et notre test.



Livy Update and Free Punic Wars Content Pack Coming Soon!

We have worked quite diligently since our Cicero Update! The Livy Update is making progress and along it will come the free Punic Wars Content Pack! We shall now go back to building an even greater Rome! More information below!

Punic Wars Content Pack

When the rulers of Messana invited Roman protection for their Sicilian city, they could not have expected that they were igniting a fierce rivalry that would set the Western Mediterranean aflame for over a century. Carthage had traditionally seen Sicily as its sphere of influence and it could accept no equal on the island. Rome and Carthage would go to war in 265 BC, in the first of three wars that would finally end with the sack of Carthage in 146 BC.

This free content pack for Imperator: Rome includes new events and units models to illustrate the greatest wars of the classical age – the superpower showdown between the nascent Roman Republic, and the established Carthaginian Empire.

The Punic Wars content pack includes:

– Roman Mission Pack: Ten unique mission trees for the star of Imperator: Rome to guide your conquest of Italy and neighboring regions.
– Carthaginian Mission Pack: Ten unique mission trees for the children of Tyre to help you plan your mercantile and military dominance of Africa, Spain and the rest of the west.
– Numidian Unit Model: New army model for the Numidians, North Africans often hired as mercenaries by larger powers.
– Carthaginian Ship Model: A unique ship design for Carthaginian navies.
– New Music: Three additional music tracks to soothe your conquering soul.

Imperator: Rome 1.3 – the Livy Update

The most recent update to Imperator: Rome is named for Titus Livius, the Roman historian whose work was the foundation of schoolboy learning well into the modern age. His wrote stories about heroic Romans like Horatius, Camillus and Decius laying the foundation of a great city, providing role models for centuries.

The Free 1.3 Livy Update to Imperator: Rome is also concerned with characters and how they create lasting legacies, drawing you into the drama of history being written before your eyes.

– Character Experience System: The more characters are asked to do, the better they become. Cultivate young talent as they climb the ranks, with new events for experienced statesmen.
– Family System Reworked: Fewer families to track, but great families are more important. Watch their fortunes rise and fall as they accumulate prestige.
– Procedurally Generated Missions: New mission system produces contextual goals and rewards that reflect your current situation.
– Improved Map: Greater detail for some map locations including Sicily, the British Isles, parts of Greece and the Baltic region.
– Map Mode Manager: New map mode manager lets you customize the manager menu so it emphasizes maps you rely on.
– Inferno Graphics: The drama of war is now illustrated on map, as cities burn while under attack.
– And much more: The Livy add-on will include other changes that will be announced in coming weeks.