Interstellar Transport Company : premières vidéos

Point de guerres ici, si ce n’est au niveau du commerce et de l’industrie, dans ce futur jeu de gestion d’empire galactique qui vient de faire ses premiers pas en version anticipée sur Steam le 16 août dernier. Pour l’occasion voici un court trailer montrant différents extraits du gameplay. Que vous pouvez aussi découvrir plus en détails au travers de plusieurs devlogs sur la chaîne YouTube du studio.

Pour plus d’informations sur Interstellar Transport Company, pour lequel il ne semble pas y avoir encore de date de sortie pour la version définitive, voyez cette fiche sur Steam ou le site de MT Worlds.


Space Tranpsortation Management game “Interstellar Transportation Company” release date set for PC/Mac/Linux and early access trailer released by developer MT Worlds

Interstellar Transport Company is a tycoon / management game where players control a transportation company in space, supplying all of humanities needs as they spread throughout the galaxy. Players must manage ships, routes, colonies, finances and infrastructure to crush their rivals which can take the form of AI opponents or other human players via online multiplayer. The simulation uses a scientifically grounded galaxy generation algorithm which produces believable and fresh maps for every playthrough.

Those interested can wishlist the game now at the Steam store page. An early access release date for Interstellar Transport Company is planned for August 16th, 2017.

Interstellar Transport Company early access Available Now!

It’s been such a long time since we started this project, and we are so incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished so far. We hope that you all love the game and have a blast with it! That being said, this is one milestone on many we have planned. Our early access journey is just starting, and we are looking forward to making this game amazing with your help. So please leave your feedback on the Steam discussion boards, it helps us tremendously!

Thank you also to all the support we’ve received from our testers, youtubers, and the community that is beginning to grow around this game. You all are awesome and it will be so much fun iterating this game with you over the next year.

Over the coming days our focus is going to be on fixing these known issues:
-Random multiplayer instability
-Need to be able to load multiplayer saves, currently not working
-Need to have news items saved into save game files
-Hotjoining games not working
-Short lag spike when ordering new ships at times

Expect fixes to most / all of these things in the coming days. Thanks again everyone! See you in the game!
-Mike and the MT Worlds team