Interstellar Transport Company : trailer

En bref. Après trois ans de développement, et l’appui d’une dizaine de milliers de joueurs, cet intéressant jeu de gestion d’une entreprise de transport et incidemment de colonisation à l’échelle galactique a quitté la phase Accès anticipé depuis le début de l’été. Continuant depuis de se déployer d’écrans en écrans, tout en bénéficiant de mises à jour régulières, quatre jusqu’à présent, pour optimiser et étoffer son gameplay.

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All systems go! ITC launches out of Early Access, v1.0 is live!

Thank you!

I just got done hitting the big green button after working on Interstellar Transport Company for 3 years. It’s an amazing feeling to be here and we are so incredibly grateful that we’ve had so much support and feedback from you all along the way. We definitely couldn’t have made this as great a product as it is without a lot of your help! Also, We are not finished, and this is not the end for this game! We still have plans to add more content and continue improving it. We would love to hear your feedback on where you want us to take it from here.

Need Help?

Firstly before I go into the patch notes, I know there will be some people who pickup this game and are all like “so… how do I play this??” No worries! I stayed up until 4am last night making you a video tutorial Tutorial :steamhappy: It’s quite informative, and even if you get through the first 10 minutes, it should give you a very good idea of how to play the game!

There are multiple ways to reach us. The best is probably Discord[] if Discord isn’t your thing, then the Steam discussion boards are also a great spot!

If your problem is in game, we prefer a bug report from in-game if possible. Simply go to menu > bug report.

We’re here to help! Don’t hesitate to reach out with your issues or suggestions.

v1.0 Patch Notes

Finally, here are the patch notes! We’ve been working tirelessly to polish this up and give you tons of quality of life improvements, we couldn’t be happier with the results. The other programmer and I were discussing yesterday and we agree that we did the absolute best we could with this and we’re both extremely proud of how far this has come! I truly hope you enjoy this and I am truly grateful for your support! Thank you, -Mike and the MT Worlds team

-New Order ship screen
-New volumetric galaxy dust and appropriately selected star system backdrops based on position within the galaxy.
-Night lights on all planets which change based on population of the planet.
-Big improvements to AI! They will be competitive throughout the entire game now.
-Three new scenarios in predefined games including starts in the Trappist1 and HD10180 star systems!
-2 New ships, an interstellar rocket and the KV5 ferry
-The D530 was made smaller and cheaper, the 949 was made larger and more expensive to give them both more unique functionality.
-Selecting a route “highlights” the ships that are assigned to that route.
-New song selection method and more music including an epic 10 minute track.
-Updated Unity version for improved stability and development features.
-Multiple graphic optimizations
-Can now duplicate a route
-Can clone multiple ships at once
-Rebalanced Tourists so there are more in the game when appropriate.
-Available loan tweaks
-New more appropriate net worth calculation
-Tooltips in the main menu
-Multiple fixes to the way drones handle cargo.
-Improved game sound effects.
-Performance improvements
-Updated translations
-Added new Asian fonts
-Fixed some UI issues when in a different language
-Fixed Stellarium supply issue
-Fixed issues with Genetic Materials and Xenobiologics
-Fixed money pop up visible in wrong system
-Changed rendering order of ship and planet icons
-Added hotkey SHIFT + ALT + F = in game FPS counter
-Added hotkey SHIFT + ALT + B = in game bug report tool
-Added hotkey SHIFT + ALT + S = screenshot, while in screenshot mode
-Updated and improved in game bug reporting tool.
-MANY more smaller fixes, features, and improvements!