Intrigue, nouvelle extension pour Galactic Civilizations III

Stardock diffuse une bande-annonce pour accompagner l’arrivée cette semaine d’un troisième add-on pour son fameux 4X. Importante extension donc, de plus arrivant en parallèle d’un patch 3.0 pour le jeu de base dont vous trouverez le changelog complet par ici dans le forum officiel.

Au menu, 20 style de gouvernements, des événements spéciaux types Crises, la possibilité de former des communaytés typee Commonwealth, un nouveau marché et bazar galactique, ou encore du contenu supplémentaire, comme des famines et des manifestations.

Concernant la mise à jour 3.0, celle-ci ajoute entre autre des fonctionnalités comme les Taxes, le Tourisme, l’Agriculture, et plus de mondes dans des conditions extrêmes. Le tutoriel du jeu a été refait, l’IA et l’interface ont été optimisées, cela en plus de nombreux rééquilibrages et corrections de bugs.

Pour plus d’informations sur Galactic Civilizations III : Intrigue, voyez cette fiche sur Steam ou le site Concernant le jeu de base, voyez notre test ainsi que cette page sur Steam.


Ruling the Galaxy Takes a Massive Leap Forward with Galactic Civilizations III: Intrigue and New v3.0
Choose a government, see your people through crises, establish commonwealths, and more!

Galactic Civilizations III is one of the largest strategy sandboxes ever made. Start with a single world and expand across the galaxy through diplomacy, trade, cultural hegemony, or military conquest in this single-player or multiplayer 4X strategy game. Send spies to infiltrate enemy civilizations, encounter mysterious anomalies and events across space, let your citizens help lead your civilization into a golden age, and so much more.
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Choose your government, lead your civilization through terrible crises, and earn
the trust and faith of your people in the newest expansion, Galactic Civilizations III: Intrigue!

The free v3.0 update brings support for Intrigue’s new features while providing a richer
experience with the same unrivaled scale. View the details below.


Form your own government
Rule with a gentle touch – or, with an iron fist

Choose from 20 available government styles and set your civilization on a path to greatness. Each style of governing has advantages and disadvantages. You can rule democratically, but you’ll need to make sure to keep the favor of your people so you don’t lose the next election. You can also adopt an Owner Aristocracy to enslave your working class, or choose an Interstellar Plutocracy and allow your corporations to rule, and then the opinions of your people don’t matter! Of course, there’s the potential for civil unrest, but you can handle that – right?

See your people through crises
Choose your own adventure

Special events that have certain triggers throughout the course of gameplay can pop up and throw a wrench into your plans for your civilization. These events, called “Crises,” are navigated through a series of choices that you make. You might have to quell a group of violent revolutionaries, or rally your forces against a massive space creature lurking at the fringes of your empire. How you decide to handle each situation will affect what events, options, opportunities, and rewards become available to you.

Establish a commonwealth
Put your colonies on a path to self-sufficiency

As your empire grows, worlds on the outskirts will want to become independent.These subject-states will do as they’re told without you having to lift a finger. By granting these worlds a status of commonwealth, they will be converted into an ally with a favorable disposition and will be inclined to implement your requests on the galactic scene, as well as provide a substantial stipend back to your home civilization.

Trade on the Galactic Market
There’s always a good deal at the market

Well, maybe not always, but that’s what they’ll tell you, anyway. Sell Durantium before extensive mining drives down the price, or pay a premium to get some Elerium to construct that new prototype flagship you’ve been wanting. How steep the price gets depends entirely on how much is (or isn’t) available, so buy and sell with care!

Stay informed with the Galactic News Network
In space, there is no biased reporting – that’s because we’ve hired a robot to handle it

Check the news to monitor who’s allying with who, who’s declared war on each other, and many other activities that are going on across the galaxy. Keeping up with current events and galactic happenings is the best way to stay one step ahead of your opponents.

Explore exciting new content
Be prepared for anything

From famine to protests, you’ll face new events that challenge your leadership and test your people. Certain governments and crises will award you with brand new ships that can’t be obtained through any other means. Your choices determine your path and what rewards and penalties you’ll have to deal with, so choose wisely.

Galactic Civilizations III v3.0 – Top Features

– Taxes – You can now set your tax rate on the govern screen. Increasing it will decrease your civilization’s morale, but it will provide more income for things like war or infrastructure.
– New Tutorial – The game is now more accessible for newer players! v3.0 features a brand new tutorial and a re-worked user experience, while still retaining the depth that Galactic Civilizations III is known for.
– Tourism – Planets and starbases generate influence that will grow over time and capture a percentage of travelers that pass through the player’s area of control.
– Farming – All planets will come with arable tiles where farms can be built in order to generate food. Food will help to grow the population, which in turn will increase production.
– Extreme Worlds – The frequency of extreme worlds has been substantially increased. Certain species can now colonize particular worlds without tech – for example, carbon-based lifeforms can settle on a corrosive planet, but synthetic life can’t.

To learn more about all of the new improvements in v3.0, view the full changelog here.

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