Invasion Machine : nouvelle bande-annonce

Voici un récent trailer présentant ce futur jeu de stratégie en temps réel ayant pour objectif d’offrir une sorte de bac à sable vidéoludique pour simuler une guerre de contre-insurrection, ici prenant pour cadre une province imaginaire inspirée du Moyen-Orient, et donc une situation similaire dans la réalité à celles d’Irak et d’Afghanistan. Jeu de guérilla moderne dans lequel le joueur dirige une force de maintien de la paix et doit lutter face à différents adversaires, par exemple des barons de la drogue, en vue de permettre des élections menant à la création d’un nouveau gouvernement local.

Pour plus d’informations sur Invasion Machine, dont la version Accés anticipé arrivera le 26 février prochain, voyez cette page sur Steam ou le site officiel.



Invasion Machine releases in Early Access on 26th February

What if you were made responsible for a single, desert Area of Operations, given troops that aren’t supposed to be just soulless cannon fodder drones, and are tasked with keeping the situation manageable?

Invasion Machine, the new Modern-warfare RTS/Sandbox game inspired by the real conflicts in the Middle East, finally has an Early Access release date: 26th February.

Fight a counter-insurgency war, protect the civilian population, casevac your wounded and decide how the world sees your struggle. And remember – no one gets left behind.

War is a multi faceted affair, and you have to consider all the sides at play. Unlike your average RTS, this is not just about the kill count.

Operate all the levers of the Invasion Machine.

Invasion Machine is a blend of a sandbox manager and RTS. Your goal is to command troops in an occupied province, in an effort of bringing back peace and order. Kill your enemies, help the civilian population, preserve the resources and the lives of your own soldiers.

The Setting
What led to our recent occupation of this land is still at the center of a heated political debate.What followed the invasion, was the worst scenario we may ever have imagined – we hoped we’d be able to instill better leadership and let this country rebuild itself. But that’s not what happened, though. Our toppling of the local government created a power vacuum in the area – which is now quickly leading to an unprecedented rise of new powers – the druglords, locally known as Guerrillas. If we don’t stop this transformation, this entire country is gonna explode. We were not preparing for this kind of wae, and it seems it’s the last moment when we can still turn things around.

You, as the Commander of this Peace Force are tasked with restoring order and preparing ground for a new, legitimate government.

The Mission
If we’re to ever leave this land, we must first win over the hearts and minds of the local population. The locals think we’ve ruined their lives and quite frankly – most of them hates us. In order to win their trust – we must do our best to push out the criminal element, neutralize the remaining opposition and offer humanitarian help to them.

The Real Mission
Politicians run wars, and politicians only care about one thing – getting re-elected. In other words – your real job as the Commander is to make this war look good to the folks back home. Don’t get your soldiers killed, don’t lose too much equipment, and most importantly – don’t let the press see anything that would contradict the official story. And the official story? It’s obviously that we’re winning.

The Campaign
Divided into 8 chapters. The game takes you through the entire story of the invasion, starting right after the main battle of the war ends. At the beginning you are given just a handful of troops and old, derelict equipment. Unarmored, soft-shell transporters on the frontline? Check. Woodland camo in a desert country? Check. The army wasn’t really prepared for a long invasion, and yours is just one of many missions in this conflict. So if you want better resources – you’re gonna have to prove to your superiors that you’re worth them. The campaign ends once you manage to secure your province and hold elections. When a new government can be trusted with taking the country over, we finally get to go home.

What will you be doing in the game?

– Killing your enemies (car ragdoll, shoot, turret)
– Using progressively better equipment
– Arresting those who you don’t kill
– Disrupting the drug trade
– Driving cars and leading convoys through conflict area
– Evacuating the wounded
– Hiring translators
– Retrieving damaged vehicles
– Getting ambushed
– Completing side tasks, crucial to keeping your bosses happy
– Sending out patrols
– Providing security in key locations
– Searching for contraband
– Controlling how the press sees this conflict
– Gaining intel on enemy forces
– Maintaining your relations with the locals

How will the enemy react?

– Trying to gain intel about you
– Patrolling
– Assassinating your VIPs
– Kidnapping your VIPs
– Retributing against locals who cooperate with you
– Ambushing your patrols
– Setting off IEDs
– Making money off contraband sale
– Trying to push you out of the province

Invasion Machine is a solo-development project, made in the Unity engine. The development started in 2015.

This is a game the author meant to create ever since he first saw the “Black Hawk Down” movie, and specifically the convoy scenes in it. The project evolved a lot since then, and is now much more inspired by the real-life conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, but the core idea remained the same.