Voici une idée sympathique, à savoir la déclinaison en 3D, en tour par tour, et donc en un gameplay assez tactique du roguelike inspiré de Doom, fameux FPS si il en est à l’action au rythme frénétique.

Il s’agira donc sur une carte générée aléatoirement de faire évoluer au moins un space marine confronté à des vagues de créatures et autres monstruosités démoniaques. Le tout à grand renfort de mitrailleuses, de fusils à pompe, voire de tronçonneuses, et dans le cadre obscur des profondeurs des mines jupitériennes exploitées par une non moins obscure méga-corporation, pour laquelle appât du gain et infâmes cultes anciens ne font qu’un.

Les quelques images disponibles via la page Kickstarter du projet laissant entrevoir un résultat plutôt prometteur. Si jamais la campagne de financement est réussie, ce jeu original devrait arriver sur nos écrans vers la fin de l’année prochaine. D’ici là, pour plus d’informations sur Jupiter Hell, voyez le site officiel et cette page sur Kickstarter.


Roguelikes reach their true form with Jupiter Hell, the successor to Doom the Roguelike

For years turn-based roguelikes have been a niche addiction with their basic visuals and complicated controls. Now Jupiter Hell is here to push roguelikes onto a new generation, with modern 3D graphics and the scream of heavy metal.

Jupiter Hell is successor to the critically acclaimed Doom the Roguelike, a free game dating back to 2002. It pits a lone marine against demonic forces across the moons of Jupiter, in a familiar 90s sci-fi setting with everyone’s favourite weapons – shotguns and chainsaws. Gameplay is turn-based, tactical and brutally challenging.

Freshly launched on Kickstarter, the developers are seeking funding to bring the game to completion. Featuring traditional roguelike gameplay and a modern look and feel, it promises to redefine the roguelike genre for many. And for roguelike purists, there’s still an ASCII mode…

“I’m super-passionate about showing this game to the world,” says lead developer Kornel Kisielewicz. “There are so many people out there who would love turn-based roguelikes if they were presented in the right way. Ever since making DoomRL I have strived to make traditional roguelikes accessible, but with Jupiter Hell we’re bringing that way beyond what anyone else has achieved.”

Kornel has been working on Jupiter Hell for four years, and now heads an international team of developers from his offices in Wroclaw, Poland. “With Jupiter Hell we’re dialling everything up to 11,” he says. “I’ve built my own engine to achieve the procedural and animations systems to do the game justice. We have detailed 3D graphics, a fluid interface, an awesome metal soundtrack, and the voice of Commander Shepard as the playable marine. This will look and feel awesome to play, whilst still having the solid, meaty gameplay that makes roguelikes so brilliant.”

Jupiter Hell is planned for release late 2017, with some Kickstarter backers receiving access by January. It will be released for Windows, Mac and Linux. Find out more details at: <KS link>


ChaosForge is an independent developer which has been making traditional roguelikes since 2002, including the critically acclaimed parody roguelike DoomRL. Find out more at www.chaosforge.org and www.jupiterhell.com .

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