Frozen Synapse 2 : trailers et rendez-vous en 2017

Mode 7 diffuse une nouvelle bande-annonce présentant différents courts extraits des combats et des nouvelles unités (lance-flammes, poseur de mines, grenadiers avec fumigènes) dans la future suite de Frozen Synapse. Second volet de ce jeu très original de combats d’escouades dont le développement avait été brièvement annoncé au printemps dernier.

Au passage on retiendra que le jeu devrait proposer un gameplay bien plus vaste et varié (i.e. ville générée aléatoirement ; mode multijoueurs façon, dixit, “open world tactics : grand strategy meets tactical precision” ; mode coop ; infiltration) et que les développeurs trouvent entre autre leur inspiration dans le méconnu mais très bon Laser Squad Nemesis ainsi que dans Xcom Apocalypse (voir ce billet sur le blog du studio).

Pour quelques informations supplémentaires sur Frozen Synapse 2, voyez la vidéo et les communiqués ci-après, puis cette fiche sur Steam et bien sûr le site officiel (certes quasi vide, pour l’instant).

Attention, notez que la sortie du jeu, initialement prévue fin 2016, est désormais repoussée à on ne sait quand en 2017. En attendant, à lire également en complément notre article Frozen Synapse : une autre idée du jeu de combat d’escouades.


PRESS RELEASE: Hackers reveal new Frozen Synapse 2 units in astonishingly convenient trailer and GIF form!


Elite Mode 7 operatives have repeatedly jacked all the way up inside the NetDomes to download this highly classified new dematrixed videoform trailer for the forthcoming ultratactical personal computronic megagame Frozen Synapse 2.

Here are some GIF’s (NDLR : par là) which we found in a secret folder named “Disgustingly Modern and Social”.


Unit Name: Naughty Naughty Little Flame Man
Age: 42
Classified Data: Shoots out “that fire”

Role: A medium-range area-of-effect unit which is devastating when left unchecked, particularly in a confined space

Smoke Grenade

Unit Name: Ol’ Smokey Gaspo
Age: Oak Smoked
Classified Data: smo smo smo, smo smo smer-smo, smo smo smo, smoke ON (the water)

Role: Smoke grenades can be used to block sightlines and provide instant cover

Mine Layer


Role: The Mine Layer places proximity mines to deter attackers

But Oh There’s More!

We’ve got pistols and assault-rifles, knives. laser turrets and many more on show in the trailer.

One Turn

Also featuring in the trailer, you can see a sequence based on our new multiplayer mode “One Turn”, which is, astonishingly, a match comprised of a single turn. The great thing about this is that once you have committed your turn, you can watch how it plays out against anyone else in the world who has taken the opposite side on that particular seed. This is cool, trust us.

Delays Be With You

We have had to delay the game until 2017 to make it better. Computer games. Yes, I am burying the lede. No, I won’t be surprised if you put this in a headline like “Frozen Synapse 2 unveils new units; delayed until 2017”. Frankly, I’m just delighted that anyone cares about when one of our games is coming out. I remember ten years ago when [is obliterated by laser fire]

I Hate This Silly Press Release and Just Want Actual Information Because I am an Adult

Frozen Synapse 2 is a simultaneous turn-based game; it’s the sequel to Mode 7’s multi-award-winning Frozen Synapse, which was originally released in 2011.

It will feature a vast procedurally generated city, where tactical encounters can occur within any building, or at any map location. AI factions will vie for control over the map, issuing contracts, taking on missions and engaging in diplomacy in just the same way as the player.

Frozen Synapse 2 will also feature every multiplayer mode from the original game, with some new surprises.

Trailer again in case your scroll wheel finger is tired?—?I know mine isThank you for reading.

Lots of love,

Mode 7

Ancien communiqué

Frozen Synapse 2 – reveal trailer and first details

Here is the first trailer for Frozen Synapse 2, along with some more details on the game…

City Map

The single player game is set in a procedurally generated city: we think it’s the first such city where the player is able to conduct a mission in any building or on any corner of the map.

Taking some influence from janky-yet-wonderful strategic monolith X-COM: Apocalypse, the player’s initial role is to investigate a series of incursions by a powerful force.

However, a number of AI-controlled factions are also vying for dominion.  Do factions ever do anything other than vy?  Vye?  Anyway, these factions do that and they do it extremely well.  Each will express its own ideology through its strategic choices; every faction will have a different approach to the incursions.

The city map is a living system, with factions determining their own goals independently: think Alpha Centauri but with fewer worms that burrow into your brain. You can pick up contract missions from factions or play in an entirely freeform manner, stealing the resources you need to get ahead, like a cad and/or bounder.

Everything in the game is “on the map”, from money and supplies to VIP’s, hostages and even the player’s own in-game avatar.  If a faction is transporting their ill-gotten gains back from a raid, the player can set up an ambush and try to snaffle the bounty themselves.  If the player’s base is raided and they are killed, the game will end.  Which is nice.

There’s a huge amount of potential here and we’ll be revealing more details over the coming months.


As well as this additional strategic layer, we’re making some big additions to the core tactical gameplay.

Frozen Synapse 2 will add a significant number of new unit classes as well as more detailed individual perks.

Our new AI enables stealth tactics: if a guard spots your squad, he will then activate the building’s security system, placing defensive teams on high alert.

Curved level geometry and new objects like trees, rocks and cars mean that we can create much more realistic areas.  As before, everything is fully analogue rather than grid-based, so you can adapt your plans perfectly to fit the level.  Coupled with the stealth system, breaching buildings feels a lot more realistic than in the original game.  Also, there are toilets.


Frozen Synapse 2 will add a system we’re calling “Advanced Tactics” in multiplayer.  This will be optional for high-level players and will allow the creation of elaborate conditional plans.  More to be revealed soon!

On top of this, we’re adding new multiplayer modes as well as a completely new style of competitive Frozen Synapse.

If the game performs well in Early Access, we will look into adding requested features such as 3v3 and 4v4 multiplayer as well as single player co-op modes.

Pretentious Concluding Hyperbole

Frozen Synapse 2 gives the player an unprecedented degree of agency: we’re aiming for a unique fusion of grand strategy and precision tactics.

While these plans might sound ambitious, our current pre-alpha version has levels generating across the entire city map, faction activity and stealth gameplay already working and being iterated.  This isn’t a technological pipe-dream: it’s a real game built on a proven tactical system.  It’s fun right now, and it isn’t even close to working properly yet.

Banal Prosaic Details About Platforms and Release Dates

Frozen Synapse 2 will enter beta on PC in 2016.  We hope to do other platforms and we’ll confirm those at a later date.


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