La bataille d’El Alamein bientôt sur iPad

Voilà qui devrait ravir les wargamers utilisant la tablette d’Apple. Shenandoah Studios vient de confirmer la sortie prochaine du troisième volet de la très sympathique série Crisis in Command. Nommé Desert Fox : The Battle of El Alamein il s’agira donc cette fois de partir en 1942 en Afrique du nord rejouer les fameux combats entre Rommel et Montgommery. Pour quelques précisions supplémentaires voyez le communiqué ci-après ainsi que le site des développeurs, et en attendant une prochaine vidéo voici déjà trois captures d’écrans.

Sortie prévue sur iOS au printemps prochain.


Can you outwit the Desert Fox?
Desert Fox: The Battle of El Alamein (formerly El Alamein) is Coming this Spring

Philadelphia, PA, February 12th, 2014 – Desert Fox: The Battle of El Alamein, the next game from the developers of Battle of the Bulge, is coming this spring.

Players command the Axis or Commonwealth in this crucial World War II battle in North Africa. Join Rommel and Montgomery in their back and forth struggle in the Egyptian desert. This conflict is often marked as a turning point in the war, as Winston Churchill once said, “Before Alamein we never had a victory. After Alamein we never had a defeat.” Can you outwit the Desert Fox as the Commonwealth or will you change history as the Axis?

Details on Desert Fox: The Battle of El Alamein:

  • Campaign Mode: The new campaign mode gives players control in the lead up to the final battle. They make the choice to engage or hold for reinforcements making each campaign will be a whole new experience. The game also features scenarios based on key moments in the grand conflict.
  • Mines and New Terrain Features: Minefields litter the battlefield and can be placed strategically by players affecting combat and turning the tide of battle. New terrain features such as ridges and deirs come into play, providing cover and directing the offensives.
  • New Units to Command: Flak Guns and mixed Axis troops (German and Italian) provide new strategic choices.
  • Designed by Mark Herman: Designer of Washington’s War and We the People, Mark Herman brings years of wargame expertise to Desert Fox.
  • More Coming Soon…

Desert Fox includes the great features you have come to expect from Shenandoah Studio, including asynchronous online play, a detailed map, accessible gameplay for new players, and more.

Release is currently planned for Spring 2014.

About Shenandoah Studio:
Shenandoah Studio is the premier provider of classic wargames on iOS. Future releases will include more sequels and new lines of games.



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