La série Modern Campaigns passe en version Gold

Les équipes de JTS et WDS terminent l’année en beauté en offrant une nouvelle importante mise à jour gratuite pour les cinq titres composant la série Modern Campaigns. Ceux-ci bénéficient des mêmes améliorations que pour les précédentes séries, soit une modernisation du code, de meilleurs graphismes ou encore une amélioration de l’interface, et dans certains cas des scénarios proposés.

Voici à titre d’exemple quelques récentes captures d’écrans pour Korea ’85 et North German Plain ’85. Et ci-après un précédent communiqué détaillant un peu plus les changements.

Pour plus d’informations sur la série Modern Campaigns, voyez cette page chez l’éditeur. Les patchs et les différents changelogs se trouvent dans cette section du site officiel.



Updates, Sale & Year End Recap

Modern Campaigns goes Gold!

“From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic, an iron curtain has descended across the Continent.” ~ Winston Churchill

John Tiller Software & Wargame Design Studio are pleased to announce the release of the Gold updates for the Modern Campaigns series. The titles covering the three European focused titles of NATO vs the Warsaw Pact, then The Korean Peninsula and finally the three wars in the Middle East revolving around the creation of the nation of Israel. As with all the previous updates we have released, these are free to existing customers either through the JTS Store or originally purchased when published through HPS. If you do not already have serial numbers send in an email to the Support account with this form and we’ll get you going.

We also have a sale going on!

Now through 12/31/2019 you can take 25% off any sized order in our store. Click on the link below to be taken to the store…once you go to check out the discount will be applied. You can also manually enter the code On-line at check out if there are any problems with the link. Thanks for your support and we hope you enjoy the games!

Year End Re-cap

2019 Has been an exceptionally busy year, so we wanted to take a moment and highlight some of the big items that have happened, in the event you may have missed them:

– The Panzer Campaigns series updates were completed.
– The Panzer Battles series was updated.
– The Civil War Battles series updates were completed.
– The Squad Battles series was updated.
– The Early American Wars series was updated.
– The Modern Campaigns series was updated.
– 6, yes 6, new games were released – Campaign Eylau-Friedland, Japan ’45, Japan ’46, Campaign Shenandoah, Wolfpack & Wellington’s Peninsular War.

We also have a full development schedule for the coming year or two…so if all goes well you will be seeing more new games and we’ll get updates out for the last few series that have not been addressed.

We hope everyone has a great start to 2020 and we look forward to providing many enjoyable gaming hours in the years to come.


2019 End of Year Update – Part One

Looking forward, there will hopefully be one more series updated before the end of the year. The WDS team have been hard at work bringing the five games in the Modern Campaign series up to the same standard as the Panzer Campaigns Gold releases. Like the Gold releases it’s intended to include all Volcano man scenario packages, rules changes from Panzer Campaigns as well as updated map and unit graphics.

The graphics update has been another big job, as none of the various images had been created before due to our prior ‘narrow’ focus on World War 2. Though only five titles, we have three different theaters to cover; Europe, the Middle East and Korea with different protagonists. This has expanded the required artwork and has been one of the biggest time sinks.

Currently two games, Korea ’85 & North German Plain ‘85 are completed, and this is what will be included in each update;

Korea ’85 has all new 2D and 3D graphics, unit cards and updated game interface. The scenarios included are the original base game as well as the Chinese intervention expansion pack bringing the scenario count to 155. We’re very happy with how this update has come together and here are some sample screenshots of the map and various units;

Here are the unit cards for the North Koreans, Chinese and South Koreans. I am trialing using a black and white background that is coloured when selected. Examples are below. Kudos to Jison from whom I stole the idea! Please note that this is all work in progress and there may be some changes before release;

North German Plain ’85 (NGP ’85) has been completed before Fulda Gap ’85 and Danube Front ’85 as it will provide a lot of graphical content for those titles. NGP ’85 includes the base game, the two official expansion packs including AFNorth and Berlin as well as the ‘Ich bin ein Berliner Campaign’ by David Gillies (Sgt Fury). Like Korea ’85 here are some screenshots and unit images;

Here are the American troops (again with the black and white and an example selected unit);

Here are some ‘minor’ NATO partners, Belgium, Canada and the Netherlands. France is also shown (it was not part of NATO);

The British and West Germans are well represented;

And finally the Warsaw Pact troops, with East Germany, Poland as well as the Soviets;

The remaining three games are currently being worked on. One thing that people will hopefully be happy with is that we have permission to include Aaron Vandenberg’s (Tazaaron) Bolt from the Blue mod for Danube ’85. This is probably one of the most heavily played scenarios in the Modern Campaigns series and we will be very happy to include the latest 5.3 version.

All going well, the Modern Campaign updates should be out by the end of the year.


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