La trilogie Warlords ressort sur GoG

En bref. Slitherine annonce un nouveau pas dans son partenariat avec le portail Good Old Games. A savoir le retour des trois volets de la série Warlords, respectivement parus entre 1990 et 1998 chez les australiens de Strategic Studies Group, à qui l’on doit différents bons wargames tels par exemple Battlefront, Carriers at War, Korsun Pocket.

L’occasion pour les nostalgiques ou les curieux de redécouvrir le monde d’Etheria et ces titres ayant fait les belles heures du début du jeu vidéo sur PC.

Pour plus d’informations sur Warlords I + II, voyez cette page sur GoG, concernant Warlords III: Darklords Rising, voyez celle-ci.



Slitherine and GOG.Com – playing with past!

Heritage games are part of our culture. In recent times there is a clear trend showing that even new players are going back to remastered versions of old classics: Age of Empires and Civilization undoubtedly show that evolution of key franchises is necessary to keep up with modern standards, but the roots of these new games are planted in the past.
Slitherine has proven this formula over there years, but it has also kept alive the old versions of its games. The British publisher is now able to give access to some all-time-classics to brand new gamers. has by far been the best partner in this preservation effort.

Today, Slitherine and are proud to announce a new “old game” is now available to download and play for very little money. The full Warlords original trilogy is now available on Considered to be one of the classics of the strategy game golden era, the Warlords trilogy shines again on modern PCs both for old players returning into the fantasy world of Etheria and new ones exploring the history of this genre.

Slitherine and have a long tradition for supporting games from the 80ies and 90ies.

The full Close Combat real-time tactical combat series is available on (and Steam) with 10 titles from 1996’s original Close Combat to the latest The Bloody First. The last chapter has been recently published by Slitherine, renewing the series with a single-player campaign centered around the mighty US First Division, The Big Red One, and its battles across North Africa, Sicily, and Normandy.

Slitherine also acquired the rights for one of the cornerstones for the 4X genre: Master of Magic, published in 1994, is universally considered a masterpiece, one of the titles actually defining the genre itself. While we wait for the next Master of Magic from Slitherine, we can play the original game untouched for less than 6 Dollars.

Speaking of fantasy wargames, how can we ever forget Fantasy General, part of the “Five-star” titles from SSI that set the rules for every hex turn-based game of the next 30 years? Fantasy General II was published by Slitherine last September and was extremely well received by critics and players (81% Metacritic); if you want to dive in the original game, you can have it from for 5.99 Dollars, with the awesome soundtrack as free bonus.

Available only on Matrix Games store, another piece of history: Steel Panthers from author Gary Grisby, features tactical turn-based platoon level battles in World World 2. On Matrix Games you can the General Edition, with the latest updated version of the game and four mega campaigns.

The list could easily go on…

  1. slitherine et matrix meme combat depuis des annees.
    on reprend les titres de SSI et SSG et hop un coup de peinture et on vend mais par contre, on n’assure plus le SAV (patch) apres quelques mois du jeu.

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