La version iPad de Pike & Shot est sortie

En bref, après être sorti en octobre dernier sur PC, voici que le sympathique Pike and Shot arrive cette semaine sur iPad. Pour plus d’informations sur le jeu voyez cette page sur iTunes ou celle-ci chez Matrix.

Pour vous faire une idée du gameplay sachez que vous trouverez aussi sur Twitch une récente présentation du jeu.



Epsom, UK – January 29, 2014.

“We may employ artifice to deceive a rival, anything against our enemies.” (Cardinal Richelieu – French Statesman)

Back in October, Pike & Shot grabbed the attention of both specialized press and fans of wargames due to its streamlined game mechanics and its rich, yet rarely used historical background. From a strategic point of view, the period presents a brilliant evolution of military units and approaches thanks to the development of new technologies. Integrating firearms and artillery into an army is not an easy task, and only the most flexible commanders will be able to combine them perfectly!

And today we are pleased to announce that the iPad version is available! This mobile adaptation required a couple of months of work to optimize the game for this device and fine-tune the touch controls. All of the elements that made this wargame successful on PC have been implemented for a unique historical experience in the tablet world.

3 massive solo campaigns, a random map generator, a competitive multiplayer mode, and a unique skirmish mode that allows players to generate an infinite number of customized scenarios will all come together for a glorious journey in the pike and shot era!  On top of this is the cross platform multiplayer that means you already have an established community and can jump into a one-on-one challenge in no time!

Pike & Shot features 30 historical scenarios that cover the main battles of three of the most important conflicts of the 16th and 17th centuries:

The Thirty Years’ War (1616-1648)

Pilgram-Lomnitz, 1618; White Mountain, 1620; Wimpfen, 1622; Lutter, 1626; First Breitenfeld, 1631; Lutzen, 1632; First Nordlingen, 1634; Wittstock, 1636; Second Breitenfeld, 1642; Roccoi, 1643

The English Civil War (1642-1651)

Stratton, 1643; Adwalton Moor, 1643; Edgehill, 1642; Storming of Bristol, 1643; Nantwich, 1644; Cheriton, 1644; Marston Moor, 1644; Lostwithiel, 1644; Second Newbury, 1644; Naseby, 1645

The Great Italian Wars (1494-1559)

Seminara, 1495; Fornova, 1495; Ravenna, 1512; Novarra, 1513; Marignano, 1515; Bicocca, 1522; Pavia, 1525; Ceresole, 1544; St. Quentin, 1557; Gravelines, 1558.


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