Paradox est très heureux de confirmer qu’un troisième de ses jeux de grande stratégie vient de franchir il y a peu le cap du million d’exemplaires écoulés. Après Crusader Kings II et Europa Universalis IV, c’est ainsi au tour de Hearts of Iron IV d’atteindre ce seuil très symbolique.

Pour l’occasion l’éditeur suédois annonce une prochaine édition anniversaire du jeu, qui comportera un diorama peint sur le thème pour le moins original d’un drapeau italien flottant au-dessus des ruines de Londres, puis édition qui intégrera la prochaine extension Man the Guns et le jeu de base. Les précédentes extensions pouvant en option se greffer sur cette édition spéciale.

Attention, cette future édition n’a rien à voir avec le DLC mineur Anniversary pack sorti en juin l’année dernière.

Pour plus d’informations sur Hearts of Iron IV, reportez-vous à cette page chez l’éditeur ou à celle-ci sur Steam. Puis à lire également nos articles HoI IV – Waking the Tiger : l’Extrême-Orient à l’honneur, HoI IV – Death or Dishonor : tenir ou tomber,  HoI IV – Together for Victory : le Commonwealth à l’honneurHearts of Iron IV, un nouveau souffle pour la série. Ou aussi dans nos archives notre série d’AAR Hearts of Iron IV : valse soviétique.



Hearts of Iron IV Celebrates Birthday, One Million Sales With Special Deal
Anniversary Edition Comes With New Expansion and Diorama

STOCKHOLM – 19 May 2018 – Paradox Development Studio is very happy to announce that its grand strategy wargame Hearts of Iron IV has sold one million copies. This is the third of its historical titles, after Crusader Kings II and Europa Universalis IV, to hit the one million market, and is evidence of a strong and durable market for challenging games about our shared past.

Hearts of Iron IV offers players unparalleled flexibility in exploring new historical paths and pursuing hundreds of “what if?” alternate futures, tied to a powerfully flexible war planning system that gives people control over wide fronts, amphibious operations and the air and sea.

Hearts of Iron IV celebrates the one million milestone and its second anniversary by announcing a special physical bundle for collectors and newcomers alike, that includes a special historical diorama designed by Power Up Factory.

“When we released the game, we didn’t know it was going to be such a success,” says Dan Lind, Game Director for Hearts of Iron IV. “We did not dare make a big physical collector’s edition. It feels great to be able to make something like that now – both as Game Director and as someone who loves miniatures!”.
Mike Horn, CEO and President of Power Up Factory, is also very excited about the alternate history model his team got to design – the Italian Army raising its flag on the ruins of London.

“We’ve made a lot of interesting collectibles here, but this one’s a first for sure,” says Horn. “I lived in the Washington, DC area for many years and saw the real life Iwo Jima statue countless times. To now be able to make a creative interpretation of it? Amazing!”

Lind adds, “You know you have the right job when you can dream up alt-history scenarios for your game and someone makes a big ass amazing statue of it!”

The Hearts of Iron IV Anniversary Edition will include:

– Historical Diorama from Power Up Factory: A hand-painted collector’s diorama from the experts of game memorabilia. This diorama depicts an alternate history, with the Italian army raising its flag over the ruins of London.
– Hearts of Iron IV: Man the Guns: The newest expansion to Hearts of Iron brings greater depth and customization to the naval aspect of war, new National Focus options for the United States, unique actions for democracies and much more.
– Hearts of Iron IV Base Game: A Steam key of the best-selling grand strategy wargame that tests your understanding of subtlety, supply and strategy to keep or share with a friend.

If you want to spend a little extra, your Anniversary Edition can also include keys for every other Hearts of Iron IV expansion: Together for Victory, Death or Dishonor and Waking the

For complete information on the Hearts of Iron IV Anniversary Edition, check out the product page at


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