Making History – The First World War : début de la bêta

Annoncé il y a presque deux ans, voici que cette déclinaison de la série Making History va très prochainement entamer une phase Accès anticipé. Le jeu va bénéficier des améliorations apportées au moteur dans le titre précédent, sur 39-45, et sera donc une évolution notable de Making History – The Great War, qui date lui de 2014. Voyez les explications résumant cela dans l’ancien communiqué ci-après.

Pour l’occasion voici une nouvelle bande-annonce montrant le jeu en action, et pour plus d’informations sur Making History – The First World War, reportez-vous à cette page sur Steam ou au site du studio.



Early Access Releasing Soon

The Early Access version of the game is now uploaded to the Steam servers. We are waiting for the go ahead from Steam to begin offering the new Making History game to the community. For the next few months after the release, the team will be providing regular updates. Most of the remaining work is content related, like additional scenarios, models and events. Gameplay tuning and general support will continue to be addressed as we get feedback and suggestions from the user base.

Thanks to those who have waiting patiently through the delays. And welcome to all the new members of the Making History Series.

Ancien communiqué

The First World War: Progress Report #1

Factus Games announces the development of a new game about WWI called Making History: The First World War. This release will be built upon the system revisions and features implemented for The Second World War.

The original idea was to migrate the new AI and game improvements from The Second World War over to the current The Great War system. Overtime the differences between TGW to SWW became too substantial for that strategy to be feasible. So the decision was made to leave the original Great War as is and create new game called Making History: The Great War Gold Edition.

The First World War (FWW) will be sold as a separate game with new AI and game mechanics similar to what we implemented for SWW. There will also be additional new features focused on WWI gameplay and brand new higher resolution unit models.

A lot of useful functionality was added to the event scripting in SWW. This allows the scenario designer to synchronize the AI and timeline to a much greater degree. All the historical and a-historical events will be replaced with improved and extended versions. There are quite a few events that did not make it into the original TGW and The Red Army DLC. These will be included in The First World War along with updated and expanded versions of The Red Army content.

Much of the feature related programming has been completed but there is still a lot of new content work remaining. We’ve finished creating new models for the Infantry, Artillery, Armored and some Naval units. But there are more new models to build and all the scripted events to write not to mention UI and game balancing.

Factus Games will be posting information about FWW development on Steam, Facebook, the Factus Games website and on our new twitter feed. Release date is still pending.

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  1. Finally a good Strategy game but why did they need so long for such a game? After Victoria 2 i was waiting for such a development in such games. I still have many ideas how to make this game even better. It has a lot of potential and is just about 2 GB . F.Ex. Showing Roads, Rails and deffensive buildings on the main map and adding more diplomatic and political features and even more. After that any civilization or Heart of Iron game could keep up with that game for many years,

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