Matrix rejoint la Connections Wargaming Conference 2020

En bref. Tandis que l’été bat son plein, Matrix Games annonce sa participation à la conférence Connections Wargaming 2020, évènement qui démarre aujourd’hui et cette année se déroule uniquement en ligne.

Rencontre pour laquelle les inscriptions sont gratuites, et qui pendant quatre jours proposera de nombreuses interventions de personnes s’impliquant dans la communauté des wargames et de leur utilité pour l’analyse et l’entraînement de militaires professionnels.

Parmi les jeux concernés ici on retiendra la version Pro de Command, Combat Mission et Flashpoint Campaigns.



Matrix Games at Connections Wargaming Conference 2020

Seattle, August 10th.
Matrix Games is proud to announce its attendance to the Connections Wargaming Conference 2020; Connections 2020 is a four-day event the brings together every stakeholder in the international wargaming community.

This year, the event will be online only and with free registration. The full schedule is available here: outside of its presence within the core program, Matrix Games will run demos for its top three products that are currently used by professional clients: Command Professional Edition, Flashpoint Campaigns, and Combat Mission.

Matrix Games schedule includes:

– “Bringing Commercial Games to Defense” – Iain McNeil, CEO Matrix Games – Tuesday, August 11th, 12:00 EDT (Room B)
– “Preparing Data for ML: From Instrumentation to Ingest” – Jeffrey Sugden OTS – Thursday, August 13th, 14:15 EDT (Room B)
– “Course of Action Generation with ML and a COTS Wargame” – Jeffrey Sugdent OTS – Friday, August 14th, 13:15 EDT (Room A)

To attend these events, it is possible to register for free on the official Connections site.
Live product demonstrations are scheduled as follows:

– Command Professional Edition – Monday 10th, 16:00 EDT on Twitch
– Combat Missions – Tuesday 11th, 16:00 EDT on Twitch
– Flashpoint Campaigns – Wednesday 12th, 16:00 EDT on Zoom

Matrix Games specializes in COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) physics-based simulations and strategy video games. Through careful research and development, commercial simulations transform into modern and powerful programs that can replicate complex multi-domain military operations, from tactical to operational scale, for future force, COA, analytical, and training purposes. COTS clients include public institutions such as the United States Air Force, DSTL, Luftwaffe, Royal Navy, United States Army, and private companies such as BAE Systems, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin and more.

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