Medieval Kingdom Wars : sortie et dev diaries

En bref. Après plus de trois ans de développement ce jeu ambitieux des canadiens de Reverie World Studios mêlant STR et Grande stratégie vient de passer en version 1.0 . Le jeu prend pour cadre la guerre de Cent ans, où l’on débute en tant que petit noble au service du roi. Une douzaine de nations et une cinquantaine de seigneurs servant de choix de départ, la suite de l’histoire ne dépendant plus que de vous. Aspect probablement intéressant du gameplay, celui-ci s’inspire des jeux de type rogue-like, il n’y a donc pas de seconde chance via la possibilité de charger une sauvegarde.

Attention, le jeu va encore bénéficier de nombreuses améliorations cette année, les développeurs souhaitant ajouter de nombreuses choses, comme par exemple un mode coopératif pour la campagne.

Pour plus d’informations sur Medieval Kingdom Wars, voyez ces deux anciennes présentations vidéos diffusées mi 2017 puis cette fiche sur Steam ou le site officiel.




Update 1.01 – Lets get started

Hey Everyone,

Thank you for all the support with the launch! The countless feedback we got from you in-game… all the steam reviews, and forum posts – really helps our small indie team with continuing development.

Now that the first 24 hours are behind us, we are starting to actively polish and add to the game. Bellow, I`m re-posting our roadmap for 2019. Also within 24 hours, we will enable a new Poll feature in the main menu – that will let our players vote on what projects and expansions we should prioritize.

Meanwhile, presenting a small yet very important Update 1.01. A much larger update 1.02 is coming up soon.

Fixed rare issue with the game not showing correct resolutions for the player to select
Fixed rare issue with the graphics looking really bad as it`s uses very low resolution
Fixed rare issue with the game not scaling the screen correctly
Potential major performance improvement on some laptop systems

Now onto the roadmap… Our plans are big. In a nutshell – release is not the end, but only the beginning. We want to do a lot more with MKW.

Please keep in mind that expansions are not in any order, as You will decide the order using the in-game Poll Feature.

And we I only listed big projects. There are nearly 200 other smaller things and improvements across the board that is still planned.

Adding CoOp to the campaign – including attacking friends or random players towns, armies, or inviting friend or random player to attack AI in your campaign
Workshop support, opening up all game files for modders
Religion – Chaplain Adviser that oversees religion, elections of Pope, various religious actions that benefit the player`s campaign
Complex Trade System – Merchant Adviser that oversees trade – conclude trade agreements, setup trade routes between towns and nations, earn silver, trade goods and reputation
Updated victory and information screens – showing all the changes in diplomacy, standing and reward
Being able to recruit Lords into your Kingdom
Customization of player colours and nation colours
Overlay on all unit battalions – that show their portrait, health, status and much more, optional can be turned on and off
Several new Diplomatic actions – trade agreements, various alliances, claims
Some of the starting lords become female Ladies instead, option to choose Male or Female character
New random map terrain sets (fir forests, rural areas, dry lands, desert and more)
Expanding tech tree to add another 25 technologies
Several new Large town levels (Lisbon, Cagliari, Rome, Florence, Milan)
Being able to issue orders to AI Lords during battle, depending on their relations and allegiance
Being able to issue orders to AI lords on the world map

If release goes very well, to be added later in 2019

Creating unique unit art for each nations unit roaster
Creating new town building and wall styles for different nations (including Muslim style, Italian style e.t.c)
Expanding world map to feature North Africa, Asia Minor
Adding 12 new nations to the game, complete with 50 new lords
Expanding tech tree to feature gunpowder advances – allowing recruiting cannons and musketeers in the late game
Zombie Mode – a secondary campaign mode, where dead do not stay dead – and armies of undead roam the world map, forcing rules to unite against the Undead plague
World Map quests – various random quests to complete on the world map for rewards
Town Development Quests – various optional random quests to complete while building up your town
Loans – take loans from different factions and characters, or become a banker yourself. Be warned – they will come to collect the debts.
Major events during campaign – including Black Death

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  1. Cela a l’air graphiquement magnifique… mais la jouabiité opérationnelle semble plus questionnable. Cela donne un peu l’impression d’un micro-management à grands coups de souris dans tous les coins, ce qui fait peut-être la joie des hardcore-fanas de STR, mais laisse le commun des mortels plus circonspect.

    Ha oui, et puis un grand sourire pour le “Mode Zombie” !!!! ;-D

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