Mission Pack South, premier DLC pour Maneuver Warfare

En bref. Après deux petits patchs ces derniers mois, voici qu’arrive en ce début de mois une première extension pour ce wargame permettant de commander un groupe de bataille type Panzergrenadier, entre autre sur le front soviétique en 39-45. DLC qui se focalise sur la partie sud du théâtre russe, se joue individuellement ou dans le cadre de la campagne du jeu. Et concrètement ajoute deux pays, 41 nouvelles unités et une quinzaine de batailles. Voyez le communiqué suivant pour plus de précisions.

Pour plus d’informations sur ce pack Mission South, voyez cette fiche sur Steam. Concernant Maneuver Warfare, voyez le site du studio et cette page sur Steam. A lire également notre article Maneuver Warfare, une chevauchée fantastique avec Maciej Jonasz.



Mission Pack South is now available on Steam

If you have Maneuver Warfare, you can now get the Mission Pack South DLC on Steam. This DLC is a mission pack that focuses on battles in southern areas of operation, that can be played alone or added to the Grand Campaign. It adds 2 countries and 41 units that include early-war German ones and Lend-Lease supplied tanks on the Soviet side. It has 15 battles divided up among the following:

– a hypothetical German invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1938. You will command a battle group advancing from the south towards Prague. You need to penetrate the Czechoslovak positions in the mountains and then drive north to link up with troops advancing on Prague from the north. This is a tough operation as you will encounter Czechoslovak armored forces while your panzer battalion is equipped primarily with Panzer I tanks. This will force you to rely largely on your anti-tank guns – keep them well forward!

– the route of the 2nd Panzer Division fighting against a delaying action by a Polish motorized brigade on the southern flank of the 1939 campaign in Poland. This operation begins with a battle for the mountain passes, the control of which will let the Germans advance into the rear of the Polish Krakow Army. Once through the mountains, you will spearhead the advance on Lvov against a delaying action by a Polish motorized brigade.

– the German invasion of Yugoslavia in 1941. This will focus on the offensive to seize the city of Osijek in the north-east of the country and will begin with a breakout from a bridgehead established by an infantry division. During this operation you will battle Yugoslav infantry and deal with counterattacks by their R35 tanks.

– Operation Winter Storm – the attempted relief of Axis forces in Stalingrad. Advance across the open steppe to seize subsequent river crossings in order to reach the besieged Sixth Army. The wide expanses of this battlefield allow for a lot of maneuver and, given the importance of seizing Stalingrad, the Soviets will throw everything they have at you.

– The Third Battle of Kharkov. Your battle group will form part of the southern pincer aiming to cut off Soviet forces that seized Kharkov. The terrain you will fight over includes place-names that are repeated in reports from the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine.


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