Musket & Pike – Great Northern War : nouveaux screenshots

Voici une avant-garde de captures d’écrans pour le prochain volet de la série Musket & Pike, wargame sur le sujet de la grande guerre du Nord, soit le conflit qui vit s’opposer entre 1700 et 1721 la Suède face aux cosaques ukrainiens, à la Russie, à l’Empire ottoman, au Danemark, à l’Angleterre et à la Prusse. Sans compter la Pologne qui pour sa part s’est retrouvée dans les deux camps. Au menu 69 scénarios individuels et 5 campagnes pour brosser un large tableau des nombreuses différentes situations vues dans cette guerre.

La présentation du jeu évoquant de nombreux détails relatifs à la mise à jour en cours, voyez les extraits ci-après puis directement chez WDS toutes les explications.

Pour plus d’informations sur Musket & Pike – Great Northern War, dont la sortie est prévue le 14 avril prochain, voyez en attendant qu’une fiche descriptive soit mise en ligne la page de la série du jeu. A lire également en attendant les 40 pages des Historical and Design notes en PDF par ici. A noter que les deux autres titres de la série recevront une mise à jour du moteur pour correspondre aux nouvelles améliorations dans un mois environ.

Ainsi que nos articles Musket and Pike – The Seven Years War : la guerre mondiale au temps des mousquets et Musket and Pike : les guerres du XVIème siècle vues par HPS.



Great Northern War Preview

Hello all,

Our second blog post of the day brings you a preview of our next game – Musket & Pike: Great Northern War.

We mentioned this title back in the Fall of ’22 and the team has been hard at work since testing and polishing, bringing all the needed pieces together. We believe that we are bringing you an excellent piece of wargaming goodness with this offering, which is slated to be released on Friday April 14th, 2023.

In addition to a preview of the game we’ll be looking at the extensive list of enhancements that have been made to the engine and that will be ported to the two existing titles – Renaissance and Seven Years War – about a month after GNW releases.


We are by no means making any claims that this is now a “stellar” opponent against the computer. It is an absolutely monumental task to program a situationally aware computer A/I that can conduct itself in a period appropriate manner on large battlefields. Realistically, we still have a long road ahead of us! However, attention has been paid to the gaming experience you will get if playing against the computer.

User Interface and Experience

As you can tell from the screen shots we have implemented the new Toolbar style with customizable button sizes and groupings. There is also a “Static All” option that some may prefer.

Optional Rules

Always important, but some times controversial are the optional rules for the game. A total of 6 new ones have been added for this title:

Automatic Defensive Fire, Column Movement Restriction, Optional Melee Resolution, Mixed Organization Penalty, Night Movement Fatigue, Strict Line of Sight


Extensive changes have been made to how movement orders can be issued. Our goal is to give players options and to minimize mouse clicks as much as possible. Attack Movement and Travel Movement has been covered in this blog post, and all of that has been ported to this engine. But a new option that will make it’s first appearance with the release of GNW is “Auto-Move”.


Derniers tests