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Naval Campaigns – Wolfpack : screenshots

Voici ce week-end pour les amateurs de guerre navale un nouveau titre probablement intéressant chez JTS. A savoir une simulation qui, comme son nom l’évoque, a pour but de représenter les affrontement avec les meutes de U-boats allemands qui eurent lieu lors de la bataille de l’Atlantique, pendant laquelle fut en péril la survie de la Grande-Bretagne. Cela jouable via deux campagnes et cinquante scénarios individuels, le tout utilisant un moteur en temps réel pausable.

Pour plus d’informations sur Naval Campaigns – Wolfpack, voyez cette page chez l’éditeur.



By land or by sea!

John Tiller Software is pleased to announce the release of two new titles – Napoleonic Battles: Wellington’s Peninsular War & Naval Campaigns: Wolfpack! Both titles bring a large amount of content to the table, promising to provide countless hours of gaming action.

For further details & screen shots visit the product pages:

Or head directly to the Store:

More Goodies!

In addition to new games we continue our commitment to support our existing titles. We have also released updates for our Early American Wars series of games – 1776 – 1812 – French & Indian War – Mexican-American War. Lot’s of goodies included with this round of updates, including the map editor for this series.

And in case you missed it, we have also updated the entire Squad Battles series with new graphics, new scenario content for many titles & the map editor released with each games update.

If you already have your serial numbers for this series just grab the updates off our site. Otherwise contact me at the Support account to get your games converted. Please be patient though…I’m just one guy manning the account…I’ll reply as quick as I can! :-)


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