Northgard : bande-annonce

En bref. Après un an en phase d’Accès anticipé, voici que ce STR réalisé par le studio bordelais Shiro Games est ouvert à tous. Au programme, un joli jeu mêlant Vikings et mythologie nordique, gestion, exploration et conquête, une campagne de 11 chapitres, un mode multijoueurs ou encore la possibilité d’affronter des IA avec différentes personnalités.

Pour plus d’informations sur le jeu, voyez le site, ou cette fiche sur Steam.




Hello Northgardians!

We’re so proud to finally officially release Northgard to you!! :)

Before jumping into the patch note, we really wanted to thank all of you for supporting our game during this Early Access year! It’s been quite a ride :)

This major update is without a doubt the one we put the most work in. You’ll of course be able to enjoy the full version of Rig’s Saga. We also worked a lot on a new feature for our combat system, and we added A LOT of cool new things :)

As we reached the 20k users registered to our Rig’s Saga Beta, we knew that we had to deliver a very qualitative and fun to play campaign mode. We work very hard on these 11 chapters. I strongly recommend you to play the first chapter again, as we added new cool things (including Achievements, Easy and Hard mode, dynamic in and out game cinematics).

A few more things for you to know:

For each difficulty levels, completing the campaign will unlock specific Steam achievements
Completing every additional objectives for each chapter will also unlock Steam achievements
When having completed every chapter in Hard difficulty and having obtained every additional object, you unlock something quite special for your solo and multiplayer games ;)

We truly hope you’ll have fun playing this campaign =)

Disclamer: We know that some of the campaign dialogue are still to be translated, we’re on it, and it should be done next week! ;-)