Sandstorm, prochain DLC pour Order of Battle

Slitherine vient de dévoiler la prochaine extension pour la série de wargames tactiques Order of Battle. Add-on qui nous emmènera cette fois en 1941 et permettra de rejouer facilement les batailles menées par l’Afrika Korps, envoyé en soutien des italiens face aux forces des Alliés défendant l’Afrique du nord.

Pour plus d’informations sur Order of Battle: Sandstorm, dont la date de sortie n’est pas encore connue, voyez cette fiche chez l’éditeur. Vous retrouverez si besoin nos précédents tests concernant cette série directement sur cette page.



Order of Battle: Sandstorm is coming!

1941. Erwin Rommel is appointed commander of the newly created Deutsches Afrika Korps, with the goal of supporting Italy in their campaign against the Allied forces in North Africa.

It is the beginning of a great military campaign which will show the world the military genius of Rommel, a series of great accomplishments which will earn him the immortal nickname of the Desert Fox.

Order of Battle: Sandstorm, the new DLC in the Order of Battle series, will let you relive those years.

You will need exceptional strategical ability to succeed in the brand new campaign – one of the longest ever in Order of Battle, 14 scenarios! Beware, you will be outnumbered and time is against you. Deceive your enemy, then outmaneuver and vanquish them before you run out of supplies.

Sandstorm greatly expands the roster of Italy, adding many unique units as well as specializations. It also introduces a brand new terrain type to Order of Battle, Arid, as well as new terrain rules to represent the hazards of fighting in a desert environment (has anyone mentioned sandstorms?).

Sandstorm is currently in development and it’s about to enter Beta. If you would like to follow its development and give us a hand in testing it, please apply for the beta here.

We will show you more of the DLC soon, so stay tuned!

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