Nuclear War Simulator : nouvelles vidéos

Les amateurs de simulations précises et d’hypothétiques guerres thermonucléaires seront probablement très curieux de découvrir chez Matrix ce nouveau titre. Il ne s’agit pas ici d’un jeu stricto sensu, mais plutôt d’un logiciel à caractère éducatif avec lequel on peut donc “jouer” pour obtenir des modélisations détaillées des conséquences de l’utilisation de l’arme atomique.

On notera au passage que ce programme a la bonne idée d’être ouvert aux mods, et permet en théorie à chacun d’assez facilement créer ses propres conflits apocalyptiques.

Voici également la récente première vidéo d’une série allant expliquer les concepts intégrés dans cette simulation, avec pour commencer le principe de guerre nucléaire limitée (voyez à ce sujet par exemple cette étude de l’Ifri).

Pour plus d’informations sur Nuclear War Simulator, qui a commencé à atomiser virtuellement nos écrans depuis la semaine dernière, voyez le site officiel et cette fiche sur Steam. Alternativement voyez aussi cette page sur le site “Pro Software” de Matrix Games.

Si vous préférez quelque chose de bien plus ludique sur le même thème, voyez entre autres sur Steam ICBM.



Nuclear War Simulator Out on February 2nd

Doomsday clock strikes midnight with realistic educational “what-if” Steam title highlighting the dangers of humankind’s most destructive weaponry

The large-scale, chilling results of humanity’s most dangerous invention – nuclear weapons – have never been more realistically visualized than in the new Nuclear War Simulator. As an in-depth educational simulation software used by academic institutions worldwide, Nuclear War Simulator has launched today on Steam (PC).

Created by indie developer Ivan Stepanov, and supported by renowned strategy publisher Matrix Games, Nuclear War Simulator is a complex simulation engine setting out to visualize the dangers and destructive power of the atomic bomb, from launch sequence to nuclear winter.

In-depth simulation

Nuclear War Simulator is one of the first dedicated software to take a comprehensive look at the intricacies of nuclear warfare, from the design of warheads to their harrowing effects on densely populated cities such as London or Beijing. A highly accurate sandbox simulation engine underpins the Steam release, with accurately modeled effects, from real-life weapon designs to CEP, reentry vehicles, missile defense systems, blast results and firestorms, fallout, and more.

As a professional tool, a host of detailed war scenarios involving major nations unleashing the tyranny of nuclear warfare can be simulated in detail, either automatically or manually. High-density population maps underpin the complex engine in Nuclear War Simulator, tracking everything from military targets to civilian casualties and the amount of soot thrown up in the atmosphere.

The awe-inspiring arsenals of the world’s leading powers can be deployed, from the latest submarine-launched missiles to brute-force older-generation ICBMs. Venture deeper and design weapon systems and their delivery methods, craft scenarios and target lists, and discover how much plutonium or uranium is needed to create a warhead – and which nations can do so.

Academic tool

Universities, such as the renowned Princeton University, have used Nuclear War Simulator in a far-ranging replication of a nuclear war between the United States and Russia. Other uses of the title include being part of the open-source OPEN-RISOP simulation and being frequently cited in general interest media. Find more information on Nuclear War Simulator’s own website.

Nuclear War Simulator is mod-friendly from the ground up, with players being able to create and share their own blueprints, conflicts, systems, simulation variables, and much more.


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