Oceania, prochain DLC pour Shadow Empire

Parmi les annonces qui ont eu lieu hier durant l’événement Home of Wargamers 2022, les amateurs de 4X postapo seront probablement contents de savoir que VR Designs va proposer un add-on ajoutant une dimension océanique au jeu. Voilà qui permettra de varier du classique contexte désertique / rocailleux, comme d’élargir les possibilités et variations stratégiques du jeu.

Vous verrez dans cette nouvelle vidéo quelques courts extraits du résultat final, toutefois il s’agit ici surtout d’une présentation dans laquelle Vic Davis propose diverses explications. Voyez également le blog officiel du studio pour quelques précédents aperçus au sujet de ces améliorations du gameplay.

Si vous n’êtes pas à l’aise avec l’anglais, n’oubliez pas d’activer les sous-titres traduits automatiquement en français.

Pour plus d’informations sur l’extension Oceania, patientez encore un peu le temps qu’une page émerge du site de l’éditeur. Concernant Shadow Empire, voyez cette page chez l’éditeur ou désormais aussi celle-ci sur Steam.



Shadow Empire – Oceania is coming soon

After 2 years since the release, we are glad to announce the new DLC for Shadow Empire.

Yesterday during Home of Wargamers Vic, VR Design founder, announced that Oceania, the new DLC for Shadow Empire, is coming soon. It will bring new and great features to the game.

If you want to watch again the interview click here


For a long time the Planet Generation of Shadow Empire was limited to dry Planets and Planets with relatively small bodies of water. Now all is possible. You can create second Earths and even Waterworlds. Planets with many islands, or just a few continents. The new maps being generated with Oceania DLC change the feel and ambiance of the game completely. But it also changes the gameplay a lot and will make you experience a different style of game.

On top of this: the existing land-based Traders have gotten a more organised cousin with the sea-based Traders, who are known as Maritime Trade Houses (MTHs). The MTHs will allow you to explore the Oceans and secure Transport Contracts to invade and/or keep logistics flowing between different continents or islands. The MTH are of a very mercantile nature and it is also possible to acquire their stock. Once a shareholder you can use Policy Meetings with the MTH to influence their attitudes and Dividend payments.


With Oceania the Procedural Planet Generation can now generate much more diverse Planets
Gaia Planet Class now available
Thalassa Planet Class now available
Proteus Planet Class now available
Fontus Planet Class now available
Maritime Trade House (MTH) mechanics
MTH Stock-trading, Policy Meetings, Dividends & Auctions
MTH Transport, Explore and Makeshift Port Contracts
MTH Naval warfare for sea supremacy
Naval logistical points allow amphibious invasions and transfers

Ten titles, two hours of live streams,
100% wargames

Epsom, October 13th. During its Home of Wargamers:100% Wargames live showcase, Matrix Games showed updates on 10 wargame titles.

“Today was a big day for hexes and counters. When, in 2010, Slitherine acquired Matrix Games, the gaming world was different; we didn’t have a Steam presence, and we had to be very protective with prices and discounts. Finding a new development partner specialized in wargames was still a frequent possibility. We are now here, twelve years later, ready to celebrate wargames with a two-hour HOW live event solely about wargames alongside a series of dedicated live streams on twitch, with deep discounts and promotions, and the hope that the development community notices how vibrant and lively this fantastic hobby is”, said Marco Minoli, CMO Matrix Games and Slitherine.

The event featured never-seen-before footage for the eagerly awaited Flashpoint Campaigns: Southern Storm, how to control a 7,000 ton Hunter Killer submarine in Modern Naval Warfare, the first public showing of Rule the Waves 3, news about masterpieces like the Combat Mission series, Command Modern Operations, and the new Oceania DLC for Shadow Empire. During the live show, the developers of these games talked about the new content of their titles and the future of these franchises.

Marco Minoli added “We are eager to re-position the Home of Wargames brand so that it genuinely feels like a place to share a passion and discuss it with friends. We’ll keep investing in the hobby, it is our responsibility as market leaders, and it’s also an ongoing mission for both the company’s founders and the new members”.

Shadow Empire: Oceania
Matrix Games page
Steam Page

HOW 100% Wargames – Video Interview Link

Shadow Empire, considered by critics and players as one of the best 4X ever made, is going to get deeper. With the new DLC Oceania, players will be able to create planets with great water bodies, many islands and even Waterworlds. Victor Reijkersz, founder of VR Designs & developer of Shadow Empire joined HOW live and talked about the history, development, and future of the Shadow Empire franchise.

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