One Military Camp : fin de l’entraînement

En bref. Le studio espagnol Abylight diffuse une nouvelle bande-annonce pour confirmer que son original et caricatural jeu sur le thème de la gestion d’un camp militaire vient de quitter la phase Accés anticipé.

Pour plus d’informations sur One Military Camp, voyez cette page sur le site du studio et cette page sur Steam.


Update v1.0.0.0 (Release)
Attention recruits, today is the day!

We’ve just published One Military Camp version 1.0, which means that our Early Access journey ends here and a new and exciting journey begins! You’ll know more details in the coming weeks.
Thank you all for trusting our team at Abylight Barcelona, giving us feedback and suggestions during all these months.

Thank you for your positive reviews and your participation in our Discord community and Steam forums. And of course, thank you for enjoying One Military Camp! Our goal is that you can continue to enjoy it for a long time.

Here’s what’s new in 1.0:

New Biomes
Two more biomes to set up your military camp in Sandbox Mode: Sandy Desert and Jungle.

Social Integration

If you are thinking of streaming One Military Camp in your Twitch channel, now you’ll find Twitch integration options in the Settings menu. Activate it with your Twitch account and you’ll be able to launch real-time polls with your chat and let your viewers decide whether your camp will receive positive or negative events (be prepared to see them vote for the negative outcomes!)


We’ve added 4 Leaderboards for Sandbox mode players, where you’ll be able to see the following world rankings:

Games won in Battle mode
Squads defeated in Battle mode
Games won in Reconquest mode
Missions completed in Reconquest mode

From the beginning of One Military Camp’s development, we’ve been adding quality of life options to improve the players experience: Keyboard mapping, UI and text size, etc.

This new version will also include:

Filter to improve visual contrast for different variants of color blindness.
Filter to disable sounds that may be uncomfortable for people with misophonia.

We’ve fine-tuned the difficulty, economy and other game parameters to make the campaign challenging but accessible to a wide variety of players.

These leveling adjustments are in addition to the new economy options that we’ve been adding in previous updates (self-sufficiency, selling of resources, paid entertainment, town taxes…).

Visual Effects
We’ve added new particles and VFX to our buildings and character animations. More explosions!

Sim Fest Participation
We’d like to announce that from July 20 to 24 we’ll be participating in Sim Fest! ??

We are excited to continue working on One Military Camp with more updates, tweaks and fixes. There’ll be more new content in the coming months, so stay tuned!
In the meantime, if you are enjoying the game and still haven’t left us a positive review, we would really appreciate it if you could take five minutes of your time to do so. It really helps us to keep the game alive and to reach more players.

Finally, we’d like to announce that the game will have a 30% discount during the next 7 days

“A One Military Camp story” – #8 By David Martinez
No victory is complete, peace does not last forever, and sometimes, what you think may be the end, is just the beginning. These were the last things I learned from my time as a recruit in One Military Camp. We started training as a group of individuals, but we left as a family.

Not only that. That bus was full of inexperienced young men and women when we arrived at camp, but now, we were specialists. It didn’t matter if you chose diving, explosives, artillery or intelligence, we were cogs in a machinery of defense. And we would be forever. Trust me, you don’t forget easily what you’ve learned with so much effort; once a One Military Camp recruit, always a One Military Camp recruit. And I can remember the names, the proud faces and the determination of each of my comrades.

You know that I, Sergeant Hawkins, became an instructor, and passed on everything I had learned from Campbell and the rest of the team to many promotions. Each one better than the last. It was exactly the thing I was born to do.
And then, one day, we heard about Dragan. There is a small difference between a maniac and a leader. It just depends on how you trust him. And I grant him this; he knew how to motivate and lead his army. Before we were able to react, Dragan’s troops advanced from the North, taking prisoners and setting camps all around. Villagers started to work for him, and forgot we were the good guys. It was “blitzkrieg” at its best, there were no battles, no defense… we lost by land, air and sea before realizing we were being invaded. A complete disaster (not the word we chose in the first place).

That’s why I am here. That’s why I’m telling you my story. We are back at square one, and time forgotten One Military Camp is our last chance to stand up against tyranny and fight back. I may be too old for this, but I still have the will. I just need some new blood to join me in this last cavalry charge. Someone ready to learn the basics on camp management, to choose the best recruits and to get the best out of them. We need an army and we need a leader.

I’m counting on you. The whole country is.


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