Patch 1.03 et VF pour Strategic Command – American Civil War

En bref. Voilà un bon point supplémentaire pour les amateurs de simulation complète de la guerre de sécession. Le volet de la série Strategic Command qui s’y est récemment consacré a bénéficié d’un nouveau patch 1.03.00 améliorant un peu plus le moteur de jeu et les campagnes, mais surtout ajoutant une traduction française. De quoi faciliter la prise en main pour ceux n’étant pas à l’aise avec la langue de Lincoln.

Pour plus d’informations sur Strategic Command: American Civil War, voyez cette fiche sur Steam ou cette page chez l’éditeur. Ainsi que notre test.



Strategic Command: American Civil War – v1.03.00 Update

A new patch for Strategic Command: American Civil War is now available.

In this patch we added and fixed a lot of things such as the German and French translations, game balance and many more things…

Here is the full changelog:

– Fixed a bug that had could have Long Range Transports unload with supply = 11 (Bill Runacre).
– Fixed a unit morale re-calculation relative to overall national Fighting Spirit error, when the Fighting Spirit value was >= 75% and <= 125% (Pocus).
– Fixed an issue where some units being destroyed under 5 supply did not provide the attacker with a Fighting Spirit bonus (Pocus).
– Fixed an HQ attachment range highlight error that did not properly reach all proper in range positions (LoneRunner).
– Fixed a FoW reveal error for enemy naval units hidden on neutral Major coastlines (Bavre).
– Oceanic Gunboats can no longer be deployed in River Ports.
– Windows scaling is now detected and reported in the SETTINGS screen, and listed resolutions will be relative to the current scaling setting as well.
– Forts can now be disbanded when supply >= 5, no MPPs gained. (PvtBenjamin, battlevonwar)
– Mouse hovering over major rives now shows a +1 movement penalty in the Operational information panel (Professor Von-Wulfen).

– Confederate Gunboats in North Carolina will now spawn one in each of Elizabeth City, New Berne and Wilmington (PvtBenjamin)
– Increased Missouri starting mobilisation to 35% (was 20)
– Saying NO to DE 501 will now shift Missouri 45-55% towards the Union (was 30-40%)

1861, 1861/7
– Marines now cannot be produced until 1861-09-01
– Union AI Marines that arrive in late 1861 are now replaced with Divisions

1862, 1862/T, 1863, 1864
– Corrected WAR ENTRY scripts preventing Mexico from entering upon French intervention (Beriand)

All CW Campaigns
– Corrected several minor map typos
– Added missing railroads connecting Memphis TN-Corinth MS, La Grange TN-Grenada MS and New Albany IN-Louisville KY (eightroomofelixir, Boss Gnome)
– 155,71 (between Richmond and Petersburg) is now a land hex, with fortifications representing the Confederate defences at Drewry’s Bluff (Patrat)
– Maximum strength of partisans reduced to 5 (was 8) (gdpsnake)
– Reduced Defence of Marines by 1 against all land unit types
– AI will now receive 100 FS points each turn after 1861-07-01 on Veteran difficulty or higher (Patrat)
– AI will now receive a further 150 FS points each turn after 1861-07-01 on Expert difficulty (Patrat, Pocus)
– Some blockade runner MPPs will now be directed to alternative ports when Confederate ports are captured or disabled via events
– Divisions and Mountain Divisions now receive a +1 defence bonus in Fortified Towns and Fortifications
– Corps now receive a +2 defence bonus in Fortified Towns and Fortifications
– Reduced Union AI prioritisation of Engineer production (Pocus)
– Land defence values of Indians and Cavalry Brigades increased by 0.5
– Increased base Confederate Fighting Spirit to 125000 (was 120000). Starting FS has also been increased in each campaign to reflect this change.
– Confederate FS falls from Union capture of New Orleans, Mobile, Charleston and Norfolk have been reduced. The difference is made up by new events that reduce Confederate FS when the forts in each of these locations are destroyed.
– Confederate FS will now fall when Forts Henry, Donelson, Blakeley, Fisher and Cobb’s Point are destroyed.
– Petersburg VA is now an Industrial Centre (Beriand)

– Added German and French translation
– Strategy Guides updated


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