Pax Nova repoussé à 2020

Grey Wolf Entertainment fait savoir que son prochain 4X, en phase Early Access depuis le début de l’été, voit sa sortie repoussée au début de l’année prochaine. Si l’équipe de développement a pu tenir tous les objectifs annoncés pour cette phase d’essai, elle souhaite néanmoins avoir quelques mois supplémentaires afin de peaufiner son jeu. Tant pour mieux vérifier de nombreux détails que pour implémenter des suggestions apportées par les joueurs.

Au passage voici en en-tête une assez récente vidéo récapitulant les principales améliorations de l’importante mise à jour arrivée donc fin août. Patch suivi ce mois-ci par un autre tout aussi important (le changelog complet se trouve par là), censé clôturer la phase Accès anticipé.

Pour plus d’informations sur Pax Nova, voyez le site du studiocette fiche chez l’éditeur ou encore cette fiche sur Steam.



Pax Nova – Mod Support Update and Full Release Plans

Hi everyone,

We are happy to tell you that we’re releasing the final major update to Pax Nova from the Early Access roadmap today! This Mod Support Update lets you take part in the game like you never have before. For instance, Steam workshop has now been integrated; letting you generate and share your own content! It is now possible to mod various features including factions, events, diplomacy lines, districts, technologies and quests. Go crazy with it. ;-)

After updating the game you will find a quick guide to creating mods and a template when navigating to:
C:/Program Files (x86)/Steamsteamapps/common/Pax Nova/Modding
Players will automatically find uploaded mods when going to the Mods section in the main menu.

Along with the Steam workshop integration, the update introduces a dedicated list for units and notifications, and you can now queue constructions in cities and districts, as well as technologies in the research menu. There have also been some serious changes to the victory/defeat screen, and it is now possible to view your progress chart with statistics on victory goals, while you are playing! We find this really useful and hope you do too!

As if all of this wasn’t enough, there are some new unit types, new weapons and modules and a new district that replaces city counter-attack. Units now occupy all enemy districts once in their territory, making all production come to a halt. On top of that, there are land portals and, of course, a long list of bug fixes and other improvements that you will find down below.

Speaking about the update, we would like to take the opportunity to update you on the overall progress of the game and our plans for the full release. Earlier this year in June, we announced our Early Access roadmap for Pax Nova, and we are pleased that we’ve been able to deliver the updates we promised within the expected time frame. Now that this latest update is out there, we are focusing on the full release of Pax Nova. The game was originally planned to come out in 2019 but we have come to the decision to postpone the launch until early 2020.

The reason for this delay is simple – we want Pax Nova to be bigger and better than we initially planned, so we’ve decided to delay the game a few more months and give ourselves time to work on making it as grand as possible! We are planning to put the game into QA for an additional time, which is necessary due to the massive scope of the project. It is also an opportunity for us to continue implementing more of your feedback and make Pax Nova a worthwhile experience for 4X strategy fans!

We know some of you will be disappointed but we hope you guys agree that it is better to invest more time now, so that the full release will be more polished and fun to play.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We value your feedback and opinions a lot, and hope that you enjoy this new update while awaiting the full release!

All the best,
– The Pax Nova team