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L’intéressante prochaine déclinaison du moteur 3D de Battle Academy se dévoile à nouveau un peu plus cette semaine. Voici quatre captures d’écrans montrant donc différentes armées et champs de batailles dans ce wargame tactique dédié aux guerres du 16ème et 17ème siècle. La sortie de Pike and Shot, actuellement en pleine phase bêta, devrait avoir lieu sur PC dans quelques mois et peu après sur iPad. Nous vous en reparlerons plus en détail dès que possible.


“War is not a river, or a lake, but an ocean of all that is evil” (Gustav II Adolf, King of Sweden)

Initially introduced to the lucky few who attended our 2014 annual convention “Home of Wargamers”, Pike & Shot is now mature enough to show more of the game to public! This upcoming strategy game designed by Richard Bodley Scott – the mastermind behind the Field of Glory table-top wargame rules – aims to simulate the majors battles in the age of Pike and Shot – the 16th and 17th centuries.

The period covered by this game is particularly interesting from a tactical point of view as lots of changes occurred on the battlefield at that time. In only two hundred years commanders have been substituting traditional medieval tactics with modern ones, inserting musketeers and artillery in the armies. Obviously the players will be able to feel this tactical revolution in Pike & Shot!

This setting, combined with the approachable and visually immersive Battle Academy engine, makes Pike & Shot a very engaging title for any gamer that has an interest for this period. 3 huge campaigns, a skirmish mode that allows to generate an infinite number of “What-if” scenarios and a multiplayer system powered by the famous PBEM++ come together for a captivating experience in the heart of the bloodiest battles of the Renaissance.

Pike & Shot is currently in beta and will release later this year for PC, with an iPad version following soon.


  1. Je suis beta testeur et je peux vous dire que déjà le jeu est super stable, quelques coquilles au niveau graphisme mais c’est très prometteur.
    Le jeu est superbe et la période fascinante

    • Ben c’est rassurant, ce jeu m’intrigue pas mal. J’ai un peu du mal avec la patte graphique mais la période m’intéresse beaucoup. Hâte d’en apprendre plus :D.

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