Predators in the Mist, nouveau module pour Graviteam Tactics

En bref. Un nouveau DLC a émergé de la brume hier pour ce wargame tactique. Extension qui revient en URSS, proposant deux opérations se déroulant en septembre 1943 alors que la Wehrmacht se repliait de Kharkov.

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New expansion Graviteam Tactics: Predators in the Mist

In September 1943, the Wermacht continues to withdraw from Kharkov in the southwestern direction under the blows of Red Army troops. By order of the Steppe Front Command, a forward detachment (FD) with engineering units was thrown in the direction of Valki. The Command of 1MC were instructed to advance jointly with the FD for recon and preparation of crossings for the Corps units across r.Mzha (18sap bn and 57mc bn). The main Corps forces (19, 35, 37MBde and 219TBde) were in readiness to decisive actions to encircle the Valki enemy group. 53A with forces of three rifle divisions led an offensive in the general direction of Kolomak, captured st.Kovyagi and cut the Kharkov – Poltava railway. By evening, units of the Army reached the central part of vlg.Perekop and north. of Valki at r.Mzha. The neighbor on the right – 5 gds A, transferred to the Steppe Front from the Voronezh Front, is conducting an offensive near the svfm.Perebudovo – Alekseevka – Vysokopolye area and has reached the railway at Fativka. Neighbor on the left – 69A captured Cheryomushnaya and is reaching the line of r.Mzha at Bakhmetyevka.

– Two operations – 12 turns for each side (Kolomak-Levandalovka, September 12-13, 1943), dedicated the Soviet offensive to Poltava.
– Precisely recreated area of over 80 sq. km: plains with harsh terrain and settlements.
– Historical organizational structure of units at the time of the offensive.


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