Project Highrise passe aux couleurs de Vegas

En bref. Une première extension vient d’arriver pour l’original Project Highrise, DLC permettant donc de varier ses buildings sur le thème de la fameuse capitale du jeu et de la nuit, Las Vegas. Jeu de construction étant en quelque sorte la suite spirituelle de Sim Tower et qui a bénéficié depuis sa sortie l’automne dernier de mises à jours régulières afin d’étoffer son gameplay (ex : nouveaux scénarios).

Au programme ici gestion d’hôtels et de casinos, spectacles et VIP à l’appui, le tout accompagné par différentes nouvelles fonctionnalités (ex : climatisation, ascenseur de  service, PNJ)

Pour plus d’informations sur Project Highrise: Las Vegas, voyez sur le blog de Somasim, cette page chez l’éditeur ou par ici sur Steam. Ainsi que pour le jeu de base notre test de Project Highrise.


Kasedo Games announce Project Highrise: Las Vegas release date with a first look at all new screenshots

New screenshots show off new features ahead of April release

Leicester, UK, 30 th March, 2017 – Kasedo Games and SomaSim are excited to announce that Project Highrise expansion, Project Highrise: Las Vegas, will be released worldwide on 13 th April 2017 for PC & Mac. To mark the occasion, a set of brand new screenshots have been released showing players the new features for the very first time.

Following the success of the base game released in September 2016, Project Highrise: Las Vegas will give players the chance to build and manage the biggest and best resort in town.

The expansion will see players’ architecture and management skills extended to hotels, casinos, nightclubs, entertainment venues, conference facilities and more as they vie with the competition to draw in tourists, high-rollers and the all-important factor…profit.

With brand new Las Vegas themed scenarios, new characters and game mechanics as well as optional random events, Project Highrise: Las Vegas promises to bring a whole new challenge to both new and existing players alike.

The base game is available now on Steam and GOG .

About Project Highrise: Las Vegas

Your job as the architect and developer is to build world-famous skyscrapers that will be the envy of the entire city, masterpieces of art and engineering. But a skyscraper is more than just steel and glass, it’s an intricate ecosystem, full of people that live and work in the building. They become a complex machine that needs your steady hand to keep it running smoothly and efficiently.

Now get ready to go ‘all in’ and join the cutthroat world of Las Vegas’ high-rolling resort moguls. Create a getaway destination for the mid-century elite, an oasis of decadence in the Nevada desert. Keep hotel guests pampered and comfortable in sleek suites with gourmet room service. Add glitzy casinos, posh nightclubs and book the hottest performers to draw in the crowds. In Project Highrise: Las Vegas the glamorous era of Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack becomes the backdrop as you seek to build Sin City’s next sensation.


  • Entice people to come and part with their hard-earned money in style, with all new casinos.
  • Why do your visitors need to leave at all? Keep the business travellers and high-rollers rolling through, with rooms of all sizes that fit every need – but be sure to keep them happy as your ratings depend on it!
  • Events & Shows – Bring in the best show in town, and attract crowds of happy visitors… and their wallets. Have them come in for the show, but stay for the food and the games.
  • Invite rock stars, comedians, or business gurus to come and perform at your venue – but just don’t expect them to come for free! The bigger the celebrity, the bigger the demands.
  • Evolved Gameplay – Experience how the new location challenges your building skills, from new type of Air Conditioning utility, to special service elevators, NPCs, and more.

Visit the Project Highrise: Las Vegas Steam store page for more information.

About Kasedo Games

Kasedo Games is the ‘digital first’ – Division of Kalypso Media. The Kasedo Games label is committed to publishing high quality games, developed by handpicked and highly talented Indie developers. Titles under the Kasedo label include ‘Hegemony Rome: Rise of Caesar’; (Win), ‘Crowntakers’ (Win, Mac, Lin, mobile), ‘Upwards, Lonely Robot’ (Win), ‘ Excubitor’ (Win, Mac, Lin), ‘Project Highrise’ (Win, Mac), ‘The Metronomicon’ (Win, Mac) & Rezrog (Win, Mac, Lin).

About SomaSim

SomaSim is a Chicago-based studio founded in 2013 to create immersive simulation games for modern audiences. Their first game was the Gold Rush-themed 1849, which released for PC, Mac and tablets in May 2014. Lead developer Robert Zubek has previously worked at EA, Three Rings Design, and most recently Zynga, where he was a founding team member on both CityVille and Farmville 2. Writer and art director Matthew Viglione comes from a publishing background and has over ten years of graphic design and communications experience. Learn more at .

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