Quartermaster General arrive sur nos écrans en 2019

En bref. Si vous aviez apprécié ce jeu de plateau simulant facilement la guerre de 39-45, tout en offrant un gameplay riche en réflexion, vous serez probablement content de savoir que Nomad Games travaille depuis cet été sur une version digitale. Ce qui devrait entre autre faciliter la recherche d’adversaires, le jeu prenant plus d’intérêt quand on y joue avec un maximum de joueurs.

Pour quelques maigres informations supplémentaires sur l’adaptation PC de Quartermaster General, dont la sortie est prévue sur PC, via Steam, amis aussi sur iOS et Android dans la première moitié de 2019, voyez cette page sur le site du studio.

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Nomad Games Goes to War and Brings Quartermaster General to Digital Platforms

Cheshire, England – August 2018

Nomad Games and Griggling Games are proud to announce a collaboration to bring the award nominated Quartermaster General to the digital gaming space. Quartermaster General is a highly accessible, card driven WW2 strategy game for up to 6 players that condenses epic battles into the space of an hour or so. The game will be released on Steam, the App Store and the Google Play store.

Don Whiteford, MD of Nomad Games: “Quartermaster General is a perfect candidate for digital adaptation; we think it will really appeal to fans of historical grand strategy war gaming who are looking for something familiar, yet easy to jump into at any time. Of course a digital version offers the added advantage of providing a way to learn how to play the board game like a pro.”

Ian Brody, creator of Quartermaster General: “I’m so excited about this project! With Nomad’s help, the thousands of Quartermaster General fans worldwide will realize their long standing dream of having a digital version of my game. As a game most believe is best played by 6, the frustration of finding opponents will disappear. Furthermore, digitization will significantly ease game play, including automatic scorekeeping and supply checks. I can’t wait to try it!”

Nomad Games will be releasing more information about the game in the first half of 2019.

Nomad Games: nomadgames.co.uk/quartermaster-general

Griggling Games: http://www.grigglinggames.com/shop/euro/quartermaster-general/


About Nomad Games

Nomad Games is a successful independent video games developer and publisher. With a growing team of talented developers plus skills in licensing, funding and digital publishing, the company aims to bring the worlds of board gaming and video gaming together, creating new experiences to be enjoyed on a wide range of digital devices. To date the company has sold over two million units of its popular adaptations.

For more information visit www.nomadgames.co.uk

About Quartermaster General

Quartermaster General is a fast-paced game that puts YOU in command of the major powers of the Second World War. In Quartermaster General, supply is crucial to keep your armies and navies fighting; destroy your enemies’ supply lines and their forces will surrender!

During a game of Quartermaster General, you will play one or more countries on either the Axis or Allied team, and try to score as many Victory Points for your team as you can. After 20 rounds of play, the team with the most Victory Points wins the game. You earn Victory Points by occupying the starred Supply Spaces on the board, or as indicated on the cards.


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