Railway Empire 2 : bande-annonce

En bref. Les barons du rail en partance pour un nouvel empire seront heureux d’apprendre que Kalypso a mis en ligne un trailer confirmant qu’un second volet arrivera bien l’an prochain pour Railway Empire. Au programme, des cartes plus grandes et détaillées, 60 locomotives célèbres, deux cartes spécialement pour les États-Unis et l’Europe continentale, cinq campagnes, quatorze scénarios, ou encore six personnages parmi lesquels choisir pour diriger votre compagnie ferroviaire.

Pour plus d’informations sur Railway Empire 2, dont la date de sortie précise n’est pas encore connue, voyez cette page sur Steam. Concernant Railway Empire, voyez notre aperçu, puis cette fiche chez l’éditeur ou cette page sur Steam.



Railway Empire 2 will be arriving at the station in 2023!

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Enjoy travelling by train? Railway Empire 2, the highly anticipated successor to the award-winning Railway Empire is also in development by Gaming Minds Studios (Gütersloh) and will be arriving at the station in 2023. Railway Empire 2 is an exciting addition to the series in which players can experience the railway management simulator better than ever before.

Take over a small train company during the 19th century in Europe or in North America and commence your journey to establishing the greatest railway corporation on the continent. Players will experience huge, realistic maps, 60 detailed historic steam engines
and improved track construction with real-time terraforming. Whether its relaxed model-making or intricate transport simulation, Railway Empire 2 has gameplay options that will appeal to calm conductors and savvy railway business owners alike.

All aboard for 2023, when the title will be released with Xbox Game Pass for console and PC and will be available on Xbox Series X|S consoles, Windows PC, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch™.

Are you ready to establish a railway empire? We thought so.

Thank you for travelling with Railway Empire, have a pleasant stay at Railway Empire 2