Railway Empire passe outre-Rhin

Comme prévu le cinquième add-on de Railway Empire est arrivé ce mois-ci, proposant aux barons du rail d’étendre leur empire ferroviaire sur une carte représentant l’Allemagne. DLC accompagné par un patch 1.8 qui ajoute de nouveaux bâtiments, raccourcis clavier, des paramètres supplémentaires pour le mode libre, et diverses autres petites choses, en plus bien sûr de corriger quelques bugs.

Si tout va bien la prochaine extension du jeu sera sur le thème de la France.

Pour plus d’informations sur Railway Empire – Germany, voyez cette fiche sur Steam.  Concernant Railway Empire, voyez notre aperçu, puis cette fiche chez l’éditeur ou cette page sur Steam.



Railway Empire Steams Into Deutschland

Kalypso Media’s hit rail management simulator, Railway Empire, is laying down tracks into Deutschland with the new Germany DLC pack, available now for PC, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One.

The Germany DLC introduces the historic country to the game with 59 new cities and reworked city buildings to add to players’ extensive rail networks. Conductors will play through the new Patchwork scenario (1850-1870) and the new concession feature, where players buy concessions to access new building grounds. There’s also access to ten historical engines including the Adler and the Rhein to power the trains across the German countryside. Also available are twelve new tradeable goods, including canned kraut and cuckoo clocks, to increase revenue and eight music tracks to make the journeys across the German countryside all the more enjoyable. A new gameplay trailer is available showing the new German DLC in action.

In addition to the new DLC, Free Content Update 1.8 is also live now for all platforms.

Watch the new Gameplay-Trailer on YouTube

Community Update #1 (version 1.8) has been released

Today we will release the free Community Update #1 (version 1.8) on all platforms.
The new update adds many community-requested features, including new buildings and functionalities to the game.

More details:

New Railway Buildings:

Terminal station (4 tracks)
Terminal station (4 tracks) with signaling control
Train station (2 tracks) with signaling control
Warehouse (2 tracks)
Warehouse (2 tracks) with signaling control
Maintenance station (4 tracks) with signaling control

New Hotkeys:

Confirm with “Enter” key while in track construction or accepting a dialogue.
“Delete” key can now be used for deleting the selected train (confirmation required), or planning (no confirmation required).
“Backspace” key will cancel various actions.

Advanced settings for ‘Free Mode’:

Difficulty for tasks
Increasing option for costs for tracks / bridges / tunnels
Increasing construction costs (This option lets you decide if the construction of railroad stations and businesses should become increasingly expensive over time)
100% … 200%
100% … 300%
Income from transports (With this option, the income for freight, passengers and mail can be reduced)
Innovation points (This option enables the reduction of monthly innovation points)
Service costs
Stealing staff

Other features:

Main menu theme can now be changed in the graphic options.
The task list now shows if tasks have been completed in half the time.
The minimap now shows if a new building can be constructed in a city, and if more than one tycoon has a train station in a city.
Tracks may be deleted, even if a train is currently using it. Affected trains are set back to their origin city.
The maximum number of warehouses and parallel tracks allowed has been raised.
Setting the amount of wagons to maximum or minimum can now be done with one click.
If a station is deleted and a new station is placed at the position of the old station, trains that went to the old station will also travel to the new station. But only, if the new station was built 3-12 months after the old station was deleted depending on the duration of the game.


Fixed: Q and E keys had no function, when a non-rotatable building was selected.
Fixed: Show name of good in tooltip at freight station.
Fixed: Duplicate money type letter in localization, when player buys 100 % share of competitor.
Fixed: Set employees to state noticed, if hired with bulk hiring. Because of this, no star appeared in the train dialog at a personnel button, if there are no unnoticed personnel.
Fixed: Description was not updated, when train route was changed, while loading wares.
Fixed: Bug that occurred, when cloning trains, which had names ending with a number.
Fixed: Sometimes highlighting was broken when factories were deleted.
Fixed: Town and farm icons were sometimes displayed during ride-along camera.
Fixed: Controller Pad navigation in train list has been reworked.

Note for DLC owners:

Combined European tech tree:

All engines from “Mexico”, “Crossing the Andes”, “Great Britain & Ireland”, “Germany” and “France” are playable on European maps, if the appropriate DLCs are selected.