Railway Empire : patch et détour par les Grands Lacs

Avis aux barons du rail. Kalypso ouvre ce week-end la voie vers de nouveaux territoires, toujours sur le continent américain, mais au nord des États-Unis cette fois. En effet une seconde extension vient juste d’arriver pour ce sympathique jeu de gestion d’empires ferroviaires, DLC intitulé The Great Lakes, qui propose donc une extension de la carte, un nouveau scénario mais aussi différentes petites améliorations du jeu de base via un patch 1.5 paru simultanément.

Pour plus d’informations sur Railway Empire – The Great Lakes, voyez cette page sur Steam.

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Railway Empire Heads North Into Canada

Rail tycoons, its time to expand your empire into new and exciting territories. After heading south to Mexico for the first DLC, Kalypso Media is thrilled to announce that the next update for its ambitious strategy title takes players north into the wilds of Canada in Railway Empire: The Great Lakes.

Budding entrepreneurs will make their journey into the wilds of Canada circa 1860, a country dominated by forest and tundra and where only a few sparsely populated settlements have managed to develop into larger towns. In order to further extend their rail empire, players must bridge the distance between the British colonies and reach economic independence by creating an effective infrastructure for the Great Lakes region in theall new scenario ‘Dominion Day’, spanning 1860-1880. Heading into Canada offers its own new challenges to players, as a new enhanced weather system has been implemented for all northern regions. However, this also allows for new tradeable goods such as fur and winter clothing to be transported to the 19 new cities on the Great Lakes map extension as you take stock of two new engines, Achilles (0-4-0) and Canadian (2-8-0), both only available in this DLC.

Railway Empire: The Great Lakes is available now on PC and Xbox One worldwide, and on PlayStation®4 in North America.
The PlayStation®4 EU version will then release on 20th August.

In addition, as part of Railway Empire’s ongoing development, the game has just been updated to version 1.5, which introduces a new warehouse feature for supplying cities more easily and with less congestion on your network, as well as a range of other fixes and improvements.

‘Transport Update’ (version 1.5) has been released

New features

– Placing warehouses near cities or rural businesses will open new possibilities in transport.
Warehouses receive a radius of influence like train stations. If the user sets up a warehouse close enough to a city or a rural business, a connecting line between the warehouse and the city/business is displayed, as in the case of train stations. After placing the warehouse, it will be connected to the city/business. Warehouses close to cities or rural businesses then exchange goods with each other automatically.
As a result, cities can be supplied easier and with less congestion!
– Also new, is a filter that has been added for the “Replace locomotives” dialog in the engine shed. It is now possible to replace locomotives based on station type (city, rural).
– The in-game Tips & Tricks ’Transport Business’ section now features information regarding the reworked warehouses.


– We have fixed a bug while constructing crossings.
– Additionally, we have corrected some AI problems in complex track laying mode.
– In the Mexico region, we have fixed passenger wagons in the 100 years scenario that were not properly changing appearance when shifting into new eras.


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