Rendez-vous début mai pour Total War Saga – Thrones of Britannia

Prévue initialement pour avril, Creative Assembly annonce que la sortie du premier volet de la nouvelle série Total War Saga est légèrement décalée au 3 mai prochain. Cela afin de permettre aux développeurs de peaufiner l’interface, les batailles ou par exemple l’équilibrage de l’IA dans la campagne.

Au passage voici aussi une récente bande-annonce présentant le roi Gothfrith du royaume viking d’York qui exista brièvement en Northumbrie. Et si vous aviez manqué les précédents trailers, voici ci-après celui sur le roi de Mide, Flann Sinna, qui devint plus tard haut-roi d’Irlande, et celui sur le roi de Gwynned, Anarawd, fils de Rhodri le Grand qui avait conquis le Pays de Galles. Vous trouverez aussi sur la chaîne YouTube de Total War différents récents aperçus du gameplay pour les factions du jeu.

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Thrones of Britannia Release Date Change

We’re nearly there with Thrones of Britannia now, and a few weeks back we invited some press and influencers to play the latest build. We let them loose with the factions of Gwined (Wales), Circenn (Scots), and Northymbre (post-Wedmore landed-gentry Vikings. Plot twist: still angry!).

As this is the first in what we hope will be a series of Total War Saga titles, we are – understandably we hope – anxious to get it right, and we’ve been encouraged to hear the positive reactions to the many changes we’re making while we panel-beat the ATTILA engine into a leaner, sportier, more Anglo-Saxon shape. It’s been a delight to read and watch many of those impressions so far.

We’ve been picking through those write-ups, videos and comments in search of criticism as well, as it helps give us a steer on what we could be doing better. The final weeks between now and launch – like any software project as it draws to its conclusion – are crucial to final quality, as they’re all about finding and squashing bugs, balancing things out, and adding polish. But there’s always more you can do, and in this case, we’ve decided to do just that.

We’d like to buy ourselves a bit more time for the final push, so we’ve made the call to nudge the release date back by two weeks, from April 19th to May 3rd. Alongside our usual prelaunch procedures, we’re adding and tweaking a few features we wouldn’t otherwise have time for.

These changes will include some quality-of-life UI improvements, such as showing the player a breakdown of sources contributing to their current War Fervour level. We’re also implementing multiple shades of plus-and-minus effects regarding different levels of food, and how each level interacts with upkeep and supplies.

We’re doing some more balancing work on the campaign AI, chiefly regarding its aggression levels on different difficulty settings, and the number (and composition) of the armies it recruits. Generals will also change in appearance as they age, which is reflected in their portraits.

Perhaps the biggest area we’re focusing on is battle. We’re making some improvements to the AI’s flanking behaviour, and we’re addressing the way the AI targets enemy units, to better account for intervening units blocking charge pathways. We’re also tweaking certain animation sets so that soldiers now hold their shields out as they walk, reinforcing the shield-wall focus of the age, and ensuring they better maintain unit coherency on the move.

We’ve looked at some of the default unit-states from Warhammer, and as a result we’re implementing toggles in the options menu so you can choose which states you wish to be on by default (such as always-run, skirmish and guard modes). On top of that, we’re making a whole raft of alterations to numerous aspects of battle, including (but not limited to): collision damage, unit stats, maximum drag-out widths, collision radii, unit mass and spacing, and we’ll be removing an experimental feature you may’ve seen at work in game footage where units were slowed by missile fire, as this was affecting the coherency of the targeted unit’s formation. In aggregate, these changes are making combat feel tighter and more attuned to the age.

It’s never easy delaying a launch, not least because it means a longer wait for you. But we strongly feel the game will be better for it, so do please bear with us as we get things finished up!

Les Vikings se préparent pour la guerre dans TOTAL WAR SAGA : THRONES OF BRITANNIA

– Alors que les previews de gameplay débarquent aujourd’hui, une nouvelle cinématique introduit Gothfrith, le roi esclave de la Grande Armée Viking, et des indices sur un énorme challenge end-game –

L’invasion Viking du IXe siècle a changé le cours de l’histoire britannique. Le peuple du Nord a envahi les terres à la recherche de butins et de gloire, et nombre de ses membres ont décidé de s’installer sur place, étendant de fait leur influence sur le nord de l’Angleterre et le royaume des Angles de l’Est.

Avec cette nouvelle bande-annonce cinématique, partez à la rencontre de Gothfrith, le roi viking de Northumbrie. Il a commencé sa vie en esclave, et aujourd’hui son royaume prospère est une cible de choix pour une nouvelle vague d’envahisseurs.

Gothfrith rassemble ses troupes avant la bataille en vidéo

Thrones of Britannia invite les joueurs à façonner leur propre royaume de Danelaw, en jouant l’une des deux factions de la Grande Armée Viking : Northumbrie ou Est-Anglie..

Une fois les conditions de victoire longue remplies, les joueurs de Thrones of Britannia devront répondre militairement aux assauts de puissantes armées, qui se succèdent pour tenter d’envahir ces terres si convoitées. S’ils résistent suffisamment et repoussent ces assauts, ils recevront alors la plus haute distinction possible : une Victoire Ultime qui fera leur gloire définitive, et assurera rente et bonne fortune à toute leur descendance.