Rendez-vous début septembre pour Fantasy General II

Oyez, oyez ! Slitherine confirme que la résurrection de Fantasy General aura lieu prochainement, à savoir dès le début du mois de septembre, le 5 pour être précis.

Point de nouvelles images aujourd’hui, hormis une longue vidéo type Let’s Play apparue hier, mais la confirmation que le jeu devrait rapidement bénéficier de deux extensions. En effet, en plus de deux éditions spéciales du jeu, deux DLC intitulés Onslaught et Empire Aflame, tout un programme épique dirait-on, devraient donc arriver elles dans un avenir proche. Un bon point pour le jeu qui à sa sortie devrait déjà proposer un contenu très conséquent, qui s’étoffera donc avec différentes nouveautés sans que l’on doive trop longtemps attendre pour cela. Ce qui intéressera entre ceux souhaitant profiter de l’éditeur de scénarios pour élaborer leurs propres campagnes, par exemple.

Pour plus d’informations sur le prometteur Fantasy General II – Invasion, voyez cette page chez l’éditeur, et celle-ci sur Steam. Ou encore celle-là sur GoG. A lire également notre récente préview ainsi que cet interview.



Fantasy General II to be released on September 5th!

The date many of you have been waiting for is drawing near: Fantasy General II will be out on Steam, Slitherine, on September 5th!

The sequel to a true gem from the 90s, Fantasy General II brings a classic formula to the modern era and innovates on it. Prepare to lead the Barbarian Clans in their fight for freedom against the oppressive Empire. Make use of powerful and ancient artefacts, magical spells, side with (or fight against!) fantasy creatures such as dragons, trolls, golems, harpies and many more!

You will be able to buy Fantasy General II plus two special editions: the Hero Edition and the General Edition.

The Hero Edition will comprise of the base game plus the following exclusive content:

Tolk Headsplitter and his band of trolls have been pillaging the western steads of Clan Donagh. Many brave souls died facing the giant troll and Clan Donagh has offered 200 Gold to the hero who can best Tolk. Eager to make a name for himself, Falir of Clan Baileach sets out with his band to claim the prize. Thus begins the Tale of Falir. Experience the prologue to the single player campaign in this exciting prequel campaign.

– ARTBOOK (available both digital and physical)
This book introduces you to the world and people of Fantasy General II and gives you never-before released background information on the game’s story and units as well as putting the beautiful art of the game into your hands. A unique collection book, 104 pages long, containing the amazing art of Dominik Mayer.

– DIGITAL SOUNDTRACK (includes the original Fantasy General’s soundtrack)
A digital package containing the marvelous original soundtracks of Fantasy General and Fantasy General II! Relive the music that inspired generations of strategy players in the 90s, then prepare to be amazed by a brand new modern epic soundtrack for its sequel. A total of 20 amazing tracks.

A high-resolution printable version of the map of the world of Aer. From the cold, magic-rich highlands of Fareach, to the Borderlands with their fertile river valleys and deep woods where witches and monsters still roam free; from the Sunken Land, submerged through a great Cataclysm and filled with treacherous swamp and Lizardfolk, to the refined and temperate Empire to the South, home to wondrous cities and built upon undead labour. The world of Aer is vast and filled with wonders.

The General Edition will include all the content from the Hero Edition plus the two expansions available in the next future: Onslaught and Empire Aflame!

This edition is the go-to choice in case you want absolutely everything and you also would like to save on future content, working essentially like a season pass.

We have plans to keep expanding and improving the game after its release, so we consider September 5th to be just the beginning of a long voyage. We will reveal more about our plans for Onslaught and Empire Aflame in the months to come.

Both the Hero Edition and the General Edition will be available on September 5th on all stores – Steam, Slitherine, GoG and other digital distributors across the world. A physical version of the Hero Edition will be available on Slitherine, containing a printed hard-cover version of the amazing artbook. Truly a collector’s item!

You can wishlist Fantasy General II on Steam!

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