En bref. Les amateurs de cette série seront heureux d’apprendre que sa suite, initialement prévue sous la forme d’une extension du second volet, va faire l’objet d’un nouveau jeu à part entière. Cela vu le volume de travail accompli pour modifier et améliorer de nombreux aspect du jeu.

Il est a priori encore trop tôt pour avoir une vue complète de ce qu’il sera proposé, on retiendra pour l’instant que les graphismes 2D seront améliorés et que le jeu devrait aussi être disponible sur Steam à la même période.

A titre indicatif je vous rajoute ci-après ce qui était envisagé au printemps l’an dernier pour le projet d’extension Ironclads to Missile Cruisers. Le troisième volet proposera donc bien plus.

Pour plus d’informations sur Rule the Waves 3: Ironclads to Missile Cruisers, voyez pour l’instant du coté du forum de Naval Warfare Simulations, dans cette discussion. Ainsi que l’annonce suivante par thehistoricalgamer, vidéo qui récapitule de nombreux bouts d’infos mais ne montre uniquement que des images de Rule the Waves 2 (idem pour l’image en en-tête).



Ironclads to missile cruisers

In order to do full justice to jet operations and missiles we are in the process of developing an expansion to RTW2 tentatively called “Ironclads to Missile Cruisers”.

The expansion is currently planned to include the following features:

* 1890 start date.

* More detailed treatment of jet aircraft and the resulting modifications to carriers.

* Better simulation of missiles (ASM and SSM).

* Night air operations.

* Persistent ship histories.

* Refurbishing submarine operations and introducing long range submarines.

* Technology and game-play is setup so play through 1970 is fully supported.

While we are looking at other features for potential inclusion, the above list is what we will include at the minimum. Any additional features will be announced as we progress.

Right now we are on internal testing of Beta #25 for the Expansion, which mainly deals with SAM and ASM issues, electronic warfare technology, and also a change for post-WW2 destroyers; we still have a good way to go, but I will do my best to keep you updated on how things are going as we progress.

Feel free to discuss the Expansion in this thread, but note that at this time we cannot officially comment on any additional features that may or may not be included, as this is a work-in-progress and we wish to be 100% certain that what we announce will be included.

Thanks for your patience!


Greetings to my Fellow Naval Combat Aficionados,

Firstly – my apologies for the delay in this announcement; it has been a trying last few months for NWS since Christopher left us, but we have recovered and have been moving forward in good order.

With that out of the way, let us get down to what you have been waiting for – news and/or updates!

1. After *lots* of discussion between Fredrik and myself, and including feedback from our wonderful NWS Beta Team members, we have decided that the upcoming release should be a standalone game, namely “Rule the Waves 3: Ironclads to Missile Cruisers”. We have worked on this project for ~ 2.5 years now; with the amount of changes and additions, not to mention improvements in many many areas, we realized a short while back that the work has gone well beyond a simple expansion/dlc…we somehow passed ‘feature creep’ and entered the realm of what I like to call ‘feature bloat’ at some point in the past it would appear :-) The previously released ‘Expansion Catalog’, while it showed much of what was included at its release, will likely become somewhat outdated as additional work is done for the final game release – more details of this will be coming out in our marketing campaign later on.

The exact price point for the RTW3 game has not yet been decided, but it will fall close to our (NWS) typical price range for our new games, somewhere in the 35-45 range is my best guess right now – the exact price will be set/announced later on.
We do plan to put the game on sale at a *reduced price* for the first week or so of the release, which will effectively give anyone who wishes to take advantage of it a good price break.

2. Release date: The game will be released in OCTOBER of this (2022) year. THIS IS A SOLID RELEASE WINDOW. This release window gives us some additional time to ‘finetune’ the game, and a chance to add even more new features and useful changes as well in the meantime!

3. STEAM: Yes, we plan on a Steam release at the same time as the game is released to the store!!! The initial sale price (that I mentioned above) should also apply on Steam as well as on the store.


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