Rendez-vous fin janvier pour Wars of Succession

Bonne nouvelle, la bêta du nouveau wargame d’Ageod touche à sa fin, Matrix vient en effet de confirmer aujourd’hui que cette simulation proposant en quelque sorte deux jeux en un, d’une part la guerre de succession d’Espagne (1701 – 1713), qui vit s’affronter une alliance austro-anglaise contre les français et les espagnols, et d’autre part la grande guerre du Nord (1700 – 1721), où la Russie et la Suède s’affrontèrent pour la contrôle de la Pologne, ce wargame au thème peu fréquent sera donc disponible le 25 janvier prochain.

Pour l’occasion afin de patienter voici deux nouvelles captures d’écrans. Et pour plus d’informations sur Wars of Succession, voyez cette fiche chez Ageod.



Wars of Succession will be released on January 25th

First half of XVIII° century. There’s no peace over Europe.

After the great struggles of the Thirty Years War ending in 1648 with the Cuius Regio Eius Religio principle, two major conflicts are about to turn to pieces the Old Continent.

On one hand, the French & Spanish Bourbons monarchs are gathering their forces against the Grand Alliance built by Austrian Habsburg, Britain and the United Provinces, fighting to inherit the leadership of the Spanish Empire.

On the other corner of Europe, a coalition of Danes, Saxons, Poles and Russians led by the famous Peter I The Great is trying to deal a mortal blow to the Kingdom of Sweden and to switch the balance of power in this region. But the young and military-gifted king Charles the XII of Sweden will fight with tooth and nails to defend its realm.

We are very proud to announce that Wars of Succession, the upcoming wargame by Ageod, has reached the final development stage and it will be released on January, 25th!

Heavily focused in managing the military operations, in Wars of Successions you will coordinate the movements of several armies of many different great powers and their allies, take care of their supplies and fatigue and seek for the better conditions to engage combat, hold sieges or retreat to recover if needed.

Together, these features, combined with the proven Ageod engine make Wars of Successions a great choice to delight players interested in this era!

Stay tuned for further announcements about Wars of Succession! Check its product page here to see the latest updates and features!


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