Rendez-vous fin juillet pour Imperium – Greek Wars

En bref. Après une phase bêta un peu plus longue que prévue, on sait désormais quand sera disponible ce 4X faisant suite à Aggressors: Ancient Rome, paru l’an dernier, nouveau jeu qui mettra l’accent sur le monde gréco-perse de l’époque de Philippe II de Macédoine. Et qui ajoutera une importante dimension relative à la mythologie de l’époque pour permettre par exemple à vos héros de décrocher la fameuse Toison d’or.

Pour l’occasion voici deux bande-annonces, l’une montrant l’ambiance du jeu, l’autre offrant un survol de la carte.

Pour plus d’informations sur Imperiums : Greek Wars, voyez cette page sur Steam et le site officiel.



Imperiums: Greek Wars will launch on July 30!

Finally, the waiting is over! Imperiums: Greek Wars is ready to launch.

It has been a long journey, full of hard work and challenges but also with loads of fun especially since the first alpha players got their hands on the game. So many great ideas have been tested and implemented to give the game what we feel is a very unique mix of classical 4X features and adventure elements that make the game more engaging, more creative and definitely more fun.

After months of beta testing and balancing we are now ready for the last phase – release. Set your alarm clocks to July 30 and make sure you have enough sleep because the “one more turn” feel will not let you take a break!

First preview streams done by Nookrium and Writing Bull (German) are already online so check them out!

About game

Imperiums: Greek Wars is a unique combination of turn-based 4X game on a grand strategy map with mythological elements. Inspired by our previous award-winning title Aggressors: Ancient Rome, we take players back to the time of Philip II of Macedon and his effort to unite Greece (Hellas) under the auspices of a great new Macedonian empire.

Players choose from almost 30 factions including mighty Athens and Sparta, upstart Macedonia, uncouth barbarians, and Persian satrapies. Face new challenges in the historically accurate setting on the biggest map of ancient Greece ever made in this genre. Strategy, political scheming, and clever military tactics will be needed to establish a powerful state; however, far more than that will be needed to succeed in becoming a legend.

All is set in a world enhanced by (optional) myths and legends that open the way to fabulous adventures and perilous quests of ancient heroes, deepening the player experience and completing the story of the game.

An endless number of worlds can be created through an in-game map generator and simple modability, including a built-in editor and integrated Steam Workshop ensure extreme replayability. Offline and online multiplayer and Ironman modes give plenty of opportunities to test players’ skills to the limit.

Follow in the steps of great kings and legendary heroes and experience the ancient Greek world as never before!

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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