Rule the Waves 3 : aperçu du gameplay

En bref. Le récent événement Home of Wargamers 2022 aura été l’occasion de voir le futur troisième volet de la série Rule the Waves. Au fil de la présentation du jeu, son développeur récapitule différents éléments du gameplay et bien entendu évoque les améliorations en cours d’élaboration.

Si vous n’êtes pas à l’aise avec l’anglais, n’oubliez pas d’activer les sous-titres traduits automatiquement en français.

Pour plus d’informations sur Rule the Waves 3, qui en théorie voguera vers nos écrans durant le premier trimestre 2023, voyez pour le moment cette page chez Matrix Games. Une phase bêta est toujours accessible sur demande depuis cette page chez l’éditeur.



Ten titles, two hours of live streams,
100% wargames

Epsom, October 13th. During its Home of Wargamers:100% Wargames live showcase, Matrix Games showed updates on 10 wargame titles.

“Today was a big day for hexes and counters. When, in 2010, Slitherine acquired Matrix Games, the gaming world was different; we didn’t have a Steam presence, and we had to be very protective with prices and discounts. Finding a new development partner specialized in wargames was still a frequent possibility. We are now here, twelve years later, ready to celebrate wargames with a two-hour HOW live event solely about wargames alongside a series of dedicated live streams on twitch, with deep discounts and promotions, and the hope that the development community notices how vibrant and lively this fantastic hobby is”, said Marco Minoli, CMO Matrix Games and Slitherine.

The event featured never-seen-before footage for the eagerly awaited Flashpoint Campaigns: Southern Storm, how to control a 7,000 ton Hunter Killer submarine in Modern Naval Warfare, the first public showing of Rule the Waves 3, news about masterpieces like the Combat Mission series, Command Modern Operations, and the new Oceania DLC for Shadow Empire. During the live show, the developers of these games talked about the new content of their titles and the future of these franchises.

Marco Minoli added “We are eager to re-position the Home of Wargames brand so that it genuinely feels like a place to share a passion and discuss it with friends. We’ll keep investing in the hobby, it is our responsibility as market leaders, and it’s also an ongoing mission for both the company’s founders and the new members”.

Rule the Waves 3
Matrix Games page
HOW 100% Wargames – Video interview Link

Rule the Waves 3 is a simulation of naval ship design, ship construction, fleet management and naval warfare from 1890 to 1970. Together with the developer Fredrik Wallin, players saw for the first time the game mechanics, gameplay and all the new features of this third chapter of the franchise.


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